(The screen show Alex's face worried, and the screen cuts into Marco Lumiere standing and Alex being tied up in a chair.)

Alex: There's no way you're gonna get away with this, loser! Sam, Clover and Whoopt will do whatever it takes to save me!

(Marco gags Alex with a cloth, and she mumbles through her gags.)

Marco Lumiere: That's precicely what I'm counting on. (laughs evilly)

(The title shows "Totally Spies!: A Spy Is Born: Part II." The screen shows into Beverly Hills High School, and the screen shows inside the school with Sam and Clover.)

Sam: Alex has been kidnapped! We gotta do something, quick!

Clover: I can't believe I'm actually saying this.

(Clover pulls Sam's hand and they run down the hallway.)

Clover: But, I think we better try to get Whoot as I been.

(Clover looks inside the lockers and the garbage can.)

Sam: Clover, what are you doing?

Clover: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to find a button or a lever or a secret passage.

(Clover looks at the sock at the garbage can.)

Sam: Huh?

Clover: Why isn't that we only get Whoopt when we don't want to? It can never come will oweing me too.

(The spy phone was ringing.)

Sam: Maybe it's Alex!

(Sam gets the spy phone, opens it, and read it.)

Sam: 'It doesn't matter that you're not the most popular girl in school. I still think you're the greatest. Meet me at lunch today, your secret emmiror, A.J." A.J.? Who's that?

Clover: Well, it could be Andrew James that total cutey from science class. Ooo! Or maybe it's Arren Jennings, that football player with the Beth Bod.

Sam: Why would those guys be interested in me?

Clover: Hello? Because, you're smart, funny and totally cool.

Sam: Hey!

(Clover steels Sam's spy phone.)

Sam: Clover, there's no time for this. We've got to find Alex!

(Clover dials on the spy phone.)

Clover: There's always time for secret edmirors, Sam. I'll tell him you'll definitey meet him for lunch.

Sam: Hey!

(Sam tries to get her spy phone back from Clover, but the floor opens. Sam and Clover falls and screams through the pipes.)

Clover: See what I mean? We'll be only a persian that most in aupertune moments!

(Sam and Clover came out of the warp and lands on the bed. Jerry was grabs a small plate and a small cup of tea.)

Jerry: Good morning, girls.

Sam: Jerry, you're never gonna believe what happened!

Jerry: (drinks the coffee) Alex has been kidnapped.

Clover: No, Alex has been kidnapped!

Jerry: Oh, yes. That's what I said.

Sam: Wait. Do you know?

Jerry: Yes.

Clover: Freaky.

Jerry: In fact, I just recieved this rather diturbed message.

(Jerry grabs the remote and turns on the message screen with Marco Lumiere.)

Marco Lumiere: Sam! Clover!

Sam: Lumiere?

Marco Lumiere: So good to see you, again.

Sam: But, I thought we just locked him up!

Marco Lumiere: I'm happy to inform you that you've been cast in my latest movie, "A Spy Thriller!" Since you're top secret agents, I figure it be right up your allie.

Clover: Whatever, creep!

Marco Lumiere: I'll be filming you as you go up against my special effects and dangerous sets. (laugh)

Alex: (mumbles though gags)

Marco Lumiere: Oh, uh, what's that, Alex?

Alex: (mumbling through gags)

Marco Lumiere: Oh, yes. Thanks for reminding me. Alex says if you ever want to see her again, you'd better hurry.

Sam: We can't let him get away with this!

Jerry: Wait. There's more.

(Jerry pressed play on the message screen.)

Marco Lumiere: Hope you girls can take direction, cause here's your first scene. Roses are red, violets are blue, the same through colors of your next clue. If you head to the station, you'll be on the right track. And you just might het your friend, Alex back. Now, chop-chop, girls! We're rolling!

(Marco Lumiere claps the film snapper and Alex screams through gags. The screen was off.)

Jerry: Apparently, he escaped outcustidy, and abducted Alex early this morning.

Clover: That makes sense. He? abduct Alex when her defenses were down. She's so not a morning person.

Sam: We gotta figure out what station's talking about.

Clover: It could be a radio station or maybe it's a gas station.

Sam: Or maybe it's the train station. If you head to the station, you'll be on the right track and you just might get your friend, Alex back.

Clover: Sam, you're brilliant! Let's hit it.

(Sam and Clover walks forward and stops while Jerry speaks to Sam and Clover.)

Jerry: Oh, wait! I've got some gadgets you might find out for.

Clover: Make it quick, Jerr. We don't have time for your usual blathering. Uh, no afense.

Jerry: Nothing to take it.

(The screen flower rolls forward that shows Beverly Hills Train Station. At the train station, people were walking, and Sam and Clover sneaks behind the wall.)

Sam: I didn't see Alex and Lumiere anywhere.

Clover: Me neither.

(Marco's camera shows at Sam and Clover walking.)

Clover: Sammy, that's our train!

Sam: Huh?

Clover: Roses are red, violets are blue, the same through colors of our next clue! Come on!

(Sam and Clover runs, and the ticket man has the ticket from the woman. The ticket man raises his hands at Clover and Sam.)

The ticket man: Not so fast, girls! I need to see your tickets.

Clover: But, you don't understand! We're secret agents trying to save our best friend from an evil independent filmmaker!

The ticket man: Yeah. But, this sure, you are and I'm married made of Scots. No tickets, no ride.

(The train was starting and it moves. Sam and Clover put on their shoes.)

Sam: Fine. If you won't let us do, then we'll just have to go over your head.

(Sam and Clover jumps over the ticket man and they ran.)

The ticket man: Huh?!

(Sam and Clover were running after the train.)

Clover: Maybe there is something to be set for wearing sensible shoes.

(The train was moving and Sam and Clover tries to jump.)

Sam: Jump!

(Sam and Clover jumped higher to the train, and they fell down to get to the train. They grabbed the bar from the train. Marco's camera sees Sam and Clover, and the train was heading down to somewhere else. The screen shows Sam and Clover goes inside the train.)

Sam: See? That wasn't so bad.

Clover: Yeah, if you like perfused sweating.

(Marco's voice came from the TV.)

Marco Lumiere: Don't be discouaged, girls.

(The TV was on with Marco Lumiere.)

Marco Lumiere: You're doing very well. And as you can see, you look just wonderful on camera.

Clover: We wanna know what you've done with Alex!

Marco Lumiere: Oh-ho, you'll find out in do top. Right now, you have other things to worry about.

(The train door closes and locked the door.)

Sam: Oh, great! We're lock in!

Clover: Actually, that might not be such a bad thing. This train's going so fast! I wouldn't wanna accidently fall out!

Marco Lumiere: Falling out is the least of your concerns. When the train reaches a hundred and fifty miles prower, it will be real and crash.

Sam: And the good news is...

Marco Lumiere: If you can figure it out how to stop the train before any accidents happen, I might just put Alex free and my feature? film won't have to be asure? subject.

Clover: And if we can't...

Marco Lumiere: Alex? won't have a very happy ending and neither will you! Action!

(The TV changes into 88 minutes.)

Clover: 88? What's that?

Sam: (gasp) I think it's the speed of the train, which means, we've gotta get to the engine fast!

(Sam and Clover runs to the engine room fast, the train was faster, and Sam and Clover are in the engine room right now. Clover tries to pull two levers.)

Clover: It's no use. All the controls are jammed.

Sam: Then, we gotta find a handbreak. You know, like the use of the emergencies.

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