Allures is an animated short by the creator Jordan Belson. The running time for the short is approximately 8 minutes and was created in 1961; the animation is extremely advanced for its time. Throughout these 8 minutes the viewer is transported into a world of Abstract Animation. Belson uses different techniques to provoke different emotions and feelings out of the viewer. Furthermore, Belson uses Electronic Music as the only sound throughout; this music often changes in tempo and emotion which is shown with changing shapes on the screen.

Screen shot from Allures

Belson's integration of music and animation was a technique which he perfected much before many other animators and thus brought the viewer a new, interpretative product. An example of this is seen with the speed of the animation and its connection with the music. When ever the music speeds up in pace the animation begins to move quicker (i.e. motions of objects will move quicker when the music begins to quicken). In addition, the colors on the screen often resemble the mood of the animation. When violins or other string instruments are playing a calming tune the animation is often reflected with reds and yellows, where as when the music is more depressed sounding the colors switch to blues and dark greens to provoke a deeper sense of sadness from the viewer.

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