Betty Boop is a beautiful and very sexy animated cartoon character who starred in the Talkartoon Series. She was created By Grim natwick and perfected by the fleischer studios. usually as Girlfriend to Bimbo the Dog. Betty's popularity increased which resulted her getting her own series called the Betty Boop series which was produced by Max Fleischer. These series were released by Paramount Pictures from 1930 to 1939. Additionally, Betty Boop has continued to show up in repackaged compilations of her films, as well Koko as a cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In the 1980s Betty also appeared in two short movies in The Romance of Betty Boop & Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery. Betty Boop was based on the real-life singer Helen Kane, who was known for her "Boop-Oop-a-doop" trademark, from which Betty Boop's name is derived. Betty's voice was provided by several women including Margie Hines, Kate wright, little ann little (Ann rothschild), Bonnie Poe & Mae Questel. With her overt sexual appeal, she was the first female sex symbol in animation history and a big hit with theater-goers. Although Betty was very popular for her time and loved by many, diputes between private film rating organizions and the Hayes Office led to a change in her demeanor and attire. The once very short dress that showed off her garter was lengthened almost to the knee and sleeves were added to create a very conservative young woman. Betty also changed from a fun loving character to one that preferred staying at home away from the men that normally ogled at her. These changes eventually led to a decline in viewing and popularity and the Betty shorts stopped production. Despite having been toned down in the mid-1930s as a result of the Hays Office restrictions, her early cartoons remain very popular today.

Appearances in Other Media

  • Betty Boop appears in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit in a brief cameo talking to Eddie Valiant when he visits the Ink and Paint Club.

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