(Screen shows the Toho Company logo in Japanese and it shows into Bleach Studio logo. The screen shows the Hueco Mundo and Ichigo Kurosaki with the ultimate form fights with Ulquiorra in the final battle while it shows any logos. They kept fighting. Ichigo uses his final powers to kill Ulquiorra and it cuts into the logo again. The screen shows into Ichigo disapearing with the flames and it turns dark. Death with chains summons to bring his body back and he yells. The screen goes up into the hole in the skull prison from hell with all the flames exploding. It shows outside of hell. The title called, "Bleach" shows and the screen turns black. The screen show into later and it shows outside of the city and on the top. The screen shows Ichigo with his backpack looking in the sky. The bullies appeared.)

Bully #1: Hey, sucker. What do you think you're doing in our hood?

Ichigo: Huh?

Bully #2: We asked you a question! Are you stupid or somethin'?

Bully #1: (goes up to Ichigo) You don't speak? I'll bet you bleed!

(The bully tries to punch Ichigo, but Ichigo kicks him in the face and pushes him with his own feet really hard.)

Bully #3: What the hell?! Damn! He must be crazy or somethin'!

Bully #2: Yeah.

(Ichigo stomps on his back and he points at the tripped flower.)

Ichigo: What the hell's that? What happened to those flowers? Do you know why those flowers were put there? ANSWER ME!!

(The bullies were scared and paniced by Ichigo.)

Bully #2: Well, uh, I'm not sure, but I think they were put out as an amorial that this kid was killed, last week.

Ichigo: That's right!

(Ichigo kicked the second one really hard. Then third bully whimpers and kneeled down.)

Ichigo: Since you seemed to know so much, tell me why that face is knocked over, huh?

Bully #3: Well, we were walking by and we thought it would be fun to knock it over, right?

Ichigo: Exactly. That's why you idiots owe this boy an apology.

(The bullies got up and got together and whimpers.)

Bully #3: Uh, we do? Uhh....ohhh....umm....apoligize to who?



(Ichigo stomps very hard on the ground, the bullies were scare and paniced and they ran away.)

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