Blue Sky Studios is an Academy Award winning computer animation studio which specializes in photo-realistic, high-resolution, computer-generated character animation. In addition to their feature-length animated films, Robots (2005) and Ice Age (2000), they have worked on many high-profile movies, primarily in the integration of live-action with computer-generated animation and composer John Powell.

The company was founded in 1987 and has its offices in White Plains, New York. Since 1997 it has been a unit of 20th Century Fox (a subsidiary of News Corporation).

Their latest film, Ice Age: The Meltdown, is scheduled for a U.S. release on March 31, 2006.

With the success of Ice Age and Robots, the studio has put itself on the map as a respected animation company. And, by much acclaim, has put them in competition with computer animation giants, Warner Bros. and PDI/DreamWorks.


Feature-length animations:

Short Films (Shorts):

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