Brian Graden

Brian Graden

Brian Graden

is the current President of Entertainment at MTV Networks Music Group and the President at LOGO, a cable television channel that targets a gay and lesbian audience. Originally from Illinois, Graden joined MTV Networks in 2000 as Executive Vice President, Programming. In his current roles, Graden oversees the both the digital media and programming aspects of MTV, MTV2, CMT, VH1, and LOGO. [1] He ultimately is the final voice when green-lighting a project. One of the more recent shows that Graden green-lighted was "Rick and Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World", a stop motion animated cartoon on LOGO, which premiered on July 10, 2007.

South Park

Before joining MTV Networks, Graden was an executive at FoxLab, where he was first introduced to the future creators and executive producers of "South Park", Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Upon seeing Parker's full-length animated musical "Cannibal the Musical", Graden commissioned the creation of a Christmas e-card by the team. "The Spirit of Christmas," the five minute short that Graden spread to his friends, first introduced the now-iconic main characters of "South Park". [2] Graden later shared the Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less)" in 1998 with Parker, Stone, and the rest of the "South Park" team. He was one of the show's executive producers.

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