On the cartoon As Told by Ginger, the main character, Ginger Foutley, has a little brother named Carl Foutley (voiced by Jeannie Elias). He is in the fourth grade in the first season. He and his sidekick, Hoodsey Bishop, have a hideout in a dog house out in the Foutleys' back yard. There, they hatch all their schemes, plan many adownfall. Most of their schemes include Blake Gripling, Courtney's brother. While Blake is always trying to get on Carl's good side, Carl doesn't take his chances and humiliates Blake whenever possible. The one thing the two have in common, however, is a petrified eyeball. Originally, it belonged to Carl, but the two have been stealing it from each other throughout the series. Carl's catch phrase is "classified." He is always careful never to reveal too much information for his latest plans, even if he needs to ask someone for something to do it. But, as stated, his plans always originate in his dog house. This dog house originally belonged to their dog, Monster. But Monster ran away many years prior the start of the show. In the series finale, Monster returns to the Foutley family. There has only been one true love for Carl in the show- Noelle. Originally, Noelle was just a nobody that Carl used to test his disappearing powder on. As he studies the progress of his experiments, he realised what a truly weird girl Noelle was. The two developed a relationship in And She Was Gone. The ending of the final episode called The Wedding Frame Part 3 shows Carl and Hoodsey becoming popular TV reporters and are seen among the group listening to a reading of one of Ginger's latest book.

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