Cartoon Network Movies is the motion picture production arm of children's cable channel Cartoon Network, originally launched in 1985. It's first film was Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, and the only CN movie that made it into direct-to-video was Totally Tooned In: How I Spent My Vacation, It has produced films based on Cartoon Network programs, most of their flims are rated PG and are released by Warner Bros. Animation.

List of films from Cartoon Network Movies


Films Release Date Co-production with Technique MPAA Rating
Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show June 13, 1986 A.K.A. Cartoon Animation PG
Oliver and Company June 27, 1986 Animation PG
Project A-Ko July 18, 1986 Don Bluth Productions Animation PG
Chicken Run June 19, 1987 Clokey Productions Stop-motion PG
The Powerpuff Girls July 3, 1987 Animation G
The Great Mouse Detective June 17, 1988 Animation PG
Fire Tripper July 15, 1988 Don Bluth Productions Animation G
Bobby's World: Lost in Hollywood June 9, 1989 Film Roman
Alevy Productions
Live-Action/Animation PG
The Lion King July 21, 1989 Don Bluth Productions Animation PG
Sailor Moon and the Promise of the Rose December 22, 1989 Don Bluth Productions Animation G

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