225px-Clone High Cast Promo
Clone High
Country of Origin United States
Channel MTV
Number of Episodes
Creators Bill Lawrence
Key Production Staff
Voices Nicole Sullivan, Christa Miller,
Original run
IMDb entry
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Clone High is an animated television show that aired during the 2002-2003 year on the MTV Channel. The show was created by Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and lasted only one season before being put on hiatus- an indefinite hiatus, the network never officially cancelled the show.

About the Series

The show follows a fictional high school run by a devious professor named Scudworth who has cloned all of the greatest minds of past generations and placed them in a high school setting to please the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures. The show primarily follows the exploits of the cloned John F. Kennedy, Queen Cleopatra, Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc and Gandhi, although numerous other important historical figures make appearances. The show is satirical of both conventional high school television fare and slapstick animation in general with plots involving homecoming and student elections.

Each episode is 30 minutes (including commercials) and begins with the words "Tonight on a very special Clone High" followed by the theme song courtesy of the alternative rock band Abandoned Pools.


Abe Lincoln - A mild-mannered and oftentimes socially awkward student who has on ongoing crush and one-dimensional relationship with Cleopatra. Joan of Arc and Gandhi are his best friends but Joan often pines for him and has a secret crush on him.

Gandhi - He is often portrayed as an energetic baffoon whom is unsurprisingly diagnosed with ADD at one point. He is constantly giving advice when not asked but means well for the most part. He is one of Abe's best friends at Clone High.

Joan of Arc - Joan is portrayed as the typical high school outcast often making experimental videos and sporting pink hair and combat boots. She desperately tries to hide her obsession with Abe and often tries to reveal to Abe how superficial Cleopatra is.

JFK - He is shown to be a stereotypical high school jock with an incredibly exaggerated impression of the actual JFK's speech mannerisms. Him and Abe often compete for Cleo's affection.

Cleopatra - Cleo is the school bomb shell displaying massive vanity and selfishness throughout her exploits on the show.

Principal Scudworth - The principal of Clone High, Scudworth is constantly at odds with the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures who want to use the clones for their own devices.

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