Danny Fenton is a character from the show Danny Phantom.
Danny Fenton

Danny Fenton.


When Danny was 14 his parents built a portal that lead to the Ghost Zone. A world that ghosts socialize in. The machine failed so Danny investigated inside of it. He put his hand on the wall and accidentally pressed the ON button. With the machine on and Danny still inside of it a ghost serum gets put in his molecules thus, giving him ghost abilities and the new identity of Danny Phantom.
Half Reg. Danny Half Ghost Danny

Danny transforming into his ghost form.

Second Identity

Danny Fenton got the new identity of Danny Phantom when his molecules got rearranged (as seen in Histoy). To transform into this form Danny must say "I'm going ghost!" Danny know has the abilities to fly, become invisible (which at the same time lets things go through him), and can shoot plasma ghost enery out of his hands.
Danny Phantom

Danny transformed into Danny Phantom.

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