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Danny Phantom is a show on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network that revolves around a 14 year-old boy named Danny Fenton
The Danny Phantom Gang

The character's names are (from top to bottom and left to right):Jack Fenton, Mr.Lancer, Maddie Fenton, Dash Baxter, Jasmine Fenton, Danny Fenton, Tucker Foley, Danny Phantom, and Samantha Manson.

and his two friends Tucker and Sam.


Danny Fenton is a ghost-powered boy who's other identity is Danny Phantom.

The series ran for 3 seasons for 53 episodes from April 3, 2004 to August 24, 2007

  • Danny Fenton was a normal 14th year old boy until an accident with a portal between the human and supernatural worlds casues him to become a ghost when he says "Go Ghost"
  • Jassmaine "Jazz" Fenton- danny older 16 year old and overprotective sister.
  • Jack Fenton-danny father who is obbesed with destroying ghosts
  • Madeline Fenton-Danny mother who would much rather study than destroy ghosts
  • Samantha "Sam" Mason-danny's girlfriend who accidently gave Danny his powers
  • Vlad Masters aka Vlad Plasmius-Danny chief antagonist; he was once an assistant to jack Fenton until -because of an accident with a human/ghost portal due to Jack Fenton's stupidy-he become disfigured and ultimalely a half ghost for twenty years. In episode # 7 "Bitter Reunions" although he has used his "ability" to become a billionaire he has three main but unfulfiled obbessions; own the Green Bay Packers Football team; take back Maddeline after she was "stolen" from him by Jack Fenton; and teach Danny Fenton/Phantom the dark/evil side of being a half ghost. {Irionically in an alterative timeline in episode # 27 "The Ultimate Enemy" is the appearance of evil twin "Dark Danny" who became that way after a disaster wiped out his family and he asked Vlad to remove his emotions; this resulted in a fusing of the evil ghosts parts of Danny and Vlad} Despite his cunning, Vlad suffers from a short term memory loss-although in episode # 7 he accidently discovered that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom- he does not seem to remember this in subsequent episodes!


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