DreamWorks Animation is a prolific animation studio that has in recent years produced many three-dimensional animated films. They produced the feature films Chicken Run, Peter Pan, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and Flushed Away. which were stop-motion by Nick Park. They have also made several computer-animated features, including Shark Tale, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, Bee Movie, and, most notably, the three Shrek films (a fourth is in production)[1]. DreamWorks is the competitor to PDI.

The animation style of Dreamworks is similar to that of PDI in that their characters (never human) are very iconic in their figuration and cartoony in their motions. For example, in the Dreamworks short "A Christmas Caper," in which a penguin is captured by an old woman who thinks he is a chew toy, the penguin is stretched and poked without being damaged at all. Backgrounds are nearly photorealistic.

Dreamworks tends to have more direct social satire in their films than PDI. Shrek, for example is a spoof both of pop culture and of classic fairy tales.

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