Go Go Gophers was an animated cartoon series which was part of the Underdog series from 1966-1968 and then was it own series on CBS from 1968-1969 for 21 epsidoes. It is a spoof of the comedy farce "F Troop".


Colonel Kit Coyote and his faithful sgt Okey Homa are assigned to by their superior General Nusinace an "importatnt mission" usually to "protect" the town of Gopher Gulch from the last two Gopher Indians. The Result is that the Indians  foil the army plans and Coyote and Homa end up in the guard house!


  • Col Kit Coyote ....Kenny Delmar. His name is a spoof on western scout Kit Carson and he is a caricature of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Sgt Okey Homa/Ruffled Fethers....Sandy Becker. Okey homa is a spoof of word Oklahoma; likewsie Okey would break the fourth wall and narraite the next episode to the viewing audience
  • General Nusiance/Chief Running Board....George S Irving.


Kenny Delmat also voiced Commander McBragg on Tennessee_Tuxedo_and_his_Tales {George Irving was the Narrator on this series as well}

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