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Gracie Films is an American film and television production company, created by James L. Brooks in 1986. The company has produced many award-winning films and television series, including Broadcast News, Jerry Maguire, and most notably The Simpsons. The company is primarily associated with film studio and distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment, but it still has an office at the 20th Century Fox lot due to the indefinite contract Gracie Films has had with Fox since 1989 for The Simpsons.

The Gracie production logo (seen at the end of every Simpsons episode) depicts noisy movie patrons at a movie theatre hearing a woman in the back row shushing them out so the title, the company's name, can be projected, and that the company's musical signature can be heard. Some special versions of the company's jingle were made to fit certain episodes of the Simpsons. For example, after a Halloween episode of the Simpsons, the company's jingle was played by a large organ with a girl screaming in the background. Other special kinds of the jingle were a medieval music one and a ranchera one with people shouting "Olé!" at the end. In one episode, Simpsons cast member Yeardley Smith was heard saying, with a southern accent, "This has been a Gracie Films presentation" parodying the Filmways logo at the end of episodes for The Beverly Hillbillies where Ellie May (Donna Douglas) would say "This has been a Filmways presentation". Also Snake shoots the "gracie film dude" because of the jingle in a special clip show done almost entirely in song.

The company's production office is located in the Sidney Poitier Building on the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California.

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