The Adventures of Hamtaro (とっとこハム太郎, Tottoko Hamutarō?, literally Trotting Hamtaro) is a Japanese children's storybook series by Ritsuko Kawai. The main character is a brave hamster named Hamtaro who goes on adventures and makes friends. The books include A Home for Hamtaro and Other Stories, Hamtaro Gets Lost and Other Stories, and Jealous Hamtaro and Other Stories. VIZ Media publishes the storybooks in English.

The anime, Hamtaro (とっとこハム太郎, Tottoko Hamutarō?, literally Trotting Hamtaro), is based on the storybook series, and features original character designs by Case Closed creator Gosho Aoyama. Hamtaro is owned by a 10 year-old girl named Laura Haruna (Hiroko Haruna or "Roko-chan" in Japanese version). Hamtaro leads an exciting life for a small hamster. Curiosity in his nature, he ventures out each day to make friends and go on adventures with a clan of fellow hamster friends known as The Ham-Hams. Hamtaro is licensed by Viz Media in North America, which dubbed it in a format aimed at a younger audience. People Magazine named this show, "Hottest new thing in Hollywood!" due to its rise in popularity among small children and older ones alike.