Template:Infobox Character "Bill," the star of the episode "I'm just a Bill," was written by SHR songwriter Dave Frishberg, and performed by Jack Sheldon, also famous for doing the voice on "Conjunction Junction," "Rufus Xavier Sasparilla," and the newest additions to the SHR series "The Tale of Mr. Morton," and "I'm Going to Send Your Vote to College." In "I'm just a Bill" Jack's son John does the voice of the little boy talking to Bill on the steps of the Capitol building. The episode in which he is featured describes how bills become laws. It is particularly creative in depicting the workings of government through animation. In one scene, multiple bills are standing in line, waiting to be voted on so that their fate can be determined. A bill representing the gun law is dressed in hunting apparel (all the bills are anthropomorphic) and a pair of bills representing a proposed marriage law are depicted as a young male bill and a young female bill holding hands. All the while "Bill" who by comparison to these other bills is quite plain in appearance, describes the process of government in making a law. In the end, "Bill" becomes a law.

The words to the song can be found here:

Here is the episode in which "Bill" stars:

This episode first aired in 1975 as part of the "America Rock" series run prior to, and during the country's Bicentennial. The Simpsons later parodied the sketch with their version, called "An Amendment to be."

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