Jordan Belson is filmmaker, who specifically in the field of animation, continued to push the envelope of the genre. His creations are art of the sub-genre of abstract animation. This type of animation involves the movements of shapes and colors and often have spiritual undertones, sometimes helped with the synchronization of music. Belson's work has spanned over six decades.
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As a student he attended University of California, Berkeley and chose to study in the field of Abstract Expressionism. While attending the University he came into contact with the San Francesco Museum of Art. Here he attended screenings of a series that was played periodically known as "Art of Cinema". These screenings helped to inspire him and Harry Smith to start creating their own abstractionist films. They were so good that they were played as part of the series in its later years. [[1]]

After many years of creating new forms of abstract animation, Belson came into contact with a sound artist known as Henry Jacobs. This meeting, which took place in 1957, was at the Morrison Planetarium. As a team the two ment created an audio-visual series of light shows, known as "The Vortex Concerts"; Belson was in charge of the kinetic live visuals, while Jacobs was in charge of the audio and matching the music to the visuals.

Belson has continued to make films and abstract animation for the past 60 years. His latest film came out in 2005, it was known as "Epilouge". The animation was produced by the Center for Visual Music.

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