Krabby Patties are the hit food in Bikini Bottom. They are served at The Krusty Krab.
Krabby Patty

A Krabby Patty.


Krabby Patties were originally made by Mr. Krabs AND Plankton. But there was a flaw in the recipe. After serving everyone in Bikini Bottom everyone got sick, but the other burger joint had already closed so people kept coming. When they got a lot of cash they started fighting. In the end the recipe was ripped in half during the fight and Mr. Krabs got the half that didn't have the recipe flaw in it, but Plankton got the half that had the bad ingredient. That ingredient was chum, thus opening The Chum Bucket. Since Mr. Krabs had the recipe without the flaw he made his side of the recipe. Krabby Patties are now enjoyed by every resident in Bikini Bottom.

Pretty Patties

Pretty Patties were custom Krabby Patties invented by SpongeBob. They were Krabby Patties that came in a variety of colors such as red, blue, orange, yellow, purple, plaid, pink and many others.

Monster Krabby Patty

The Monster Krabby Patty is a large stack of meet grilled and served like a krabby patty. SpongeBob broke his spatula trying to flip one of these and later lost his arms, too.

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