Act I

End Credits

(Screen show to Mystery Shack, and it skips into Grunkle Stan, Dipper and Mabel watching T.V. The door bell ring and Grunkle Stan comes to the door and opens it.)

Host: Mr. Pines, I'm from the winning house coupon savers contest, and you are our big winner!

(Grunkle Stan with his tired look stares at them and closes the door.)

Host: I guess we'll have to give the prize to our runner up winner.

(The host looks at his paper with the secret names.)

Host: Fiddleford H. McGucket?

(Old Man McGuckets walks to the two people with his happy and greedy dance. He was whooping and laughing.)

Host: How would you like? Ten million dollars!

Old Man McGucket: It's my dream come true!

(Old Man McGucket grabs the coupon and eats it.)

Host: (talking to the cameraman) Cross this town off our list.

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