Episode Appearances

Season One

"Welcome to Smash Bros.: Part 1"

"Welcome to Smash Bros.: Part 2"


"Mario's Challenge"

"The Forces of Evil"

"Tropic Thunder"

"Less or Zero"


"The Birth of the Victory"

"Eye of the Battle"

"Dangers of Quest"

"The Lost Empire"

"The Princess and the Mario"

"Land of the Time"

"The Future King"

"Fast and Furious"

"Step Brothers"

"Tale of the Brawl"


"Where the Girl At"

"The Battle Defenders"

"Level Up"

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

Season Nine

Season Ten

Season Eleven

Season Twelve

Season Thirteen

Season Fourteen

Season Fifteen

Season Sixteen

Season Seventeen

Season Eighteen

Season Nineteen

Season Twenty

Season Twenty One

Season Twenty Two

Season Twenty Three

Season Twenty Four

Season Twenty Five

Season Twenty Six

Season Twenty Seven

Season Twenty Eight

Season Twenty Nine

Season Thirty

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