Machinima is a genre of animated films that are produced by interactive 3-D engines, typically those of video games. Most machinima is produced by amateur filmmakers using simple tools and programs. The ease of use in producing machinima in comparison with other forms of animation such as hand-drawn, stop motion, and CG makes it ideal format for anyone familiar with video games to use. Among the most popular games to receive the machinima treatment are shooters and online RPGs as their multiplayer realms make for ideal soundstages and the "actors" can control different characters to act out a scene in real time. While many machinima productions are based around inside jokes to the gaming community, others have pushed the boundaries of the medium to new heights.


  • Red vs Blue is one of the most successful and popular machinima's produced

  • PANICS is a miniseries created from the game F.E.A.R. by the request of the game's developers.

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