Mira is one of the main characters on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. She is the heir to the royal throne of Tangea, as well as the first Tangean space ranger. She is also Buzz Lightyear's co-pilot.

After Buzz saved her planet from Zurg, Mira was inspired to do something herself to help protect the galaxy. She joined Star Command and quickly proved to be one of the best rangers they'd ever seen.


Mira's mental powers make her one of the most impressive characters on the show. Being Tangean, she is able to "ghost" through any solid object, so long as she can keep her concentration. She is able to ghost others with her too if she is in physical contact with them. She can also read minds, and once used her powers for mind control. When it comes to fighting she is very well trained, nimble, and fast.


Mira has a bit of a crush on Buzz Lightyear, though she doesn't seem to mind it when other girls flirt with him. The only serious romantic interest she has in the show is a Tangean Grounder named Romac, her old boyfriend who she clearly still has feelings for.

Her best friends are XR and Booster.

She and her father, King Nova, don't see eye-to-eye about almost everything. She hates how he veiws anyone who's not Tangean as being benieth him, and she takes every chance she can to defy him.

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