Mojo Jojo is

a villain who was Professor Utonium's monkey Jojo,the monkey who was accidently put Chemical X.

In one episode,the girls lost powers and gave them to Mojo.In a special,Mojo was a superhero instead of a supervillain. Mojo has a plan to desroy the Powerpuff Girls,it was shown by villains execpt Sedusa. He is a green monkey with a purple and white suit with boots. He also created The Rowdyruff Boys. He has a home. He also stole a vase from the jewelry store,then Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup destroyed it and put the dogs into people.Mojo didn't destroy it cause it made people into dogs. He also wears a purple cape. When Mojo fired,Bubbles was wearing Mojo's trademark,He responded,"There's only one Mojo Jojo!" Mojo was wearing a towel and a birthday suit.

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