(The screen shows Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. All the shapes and the key hole appears from the theme song. It puts it together and open it. It was the closet, it closes and opens it again. It was a giant monster roaring. It closes and it goes up. All the doors go all together to make Walt Disney Pictures. All the doors opens it with all letters and the eye on the door with scream. It closes and it opens it into P for Pictures. The skinny armed monster wrote "Presents" with a chalk. The big armed monster grabs all the letters. The chalk flew away into a door and it emptys the letters called "A Pixar Animation Studios Film." The door has all the doors. The chomper monster chomps all the letters except for M. The M backs him off and the monster grabs it with his mouth and goes through the door. All the doors opened with some letters and the doors flew away when the letter fall into the ground. All the monsters from the door spelled all the letters except M and the chomper monster puts the M next to the O. The monster goes to the door and it slaps the title and it makes into original title called, "Monsters, Inc." The theme song ended with a piano, all the doors were gone except one and the screen goes into the last door. The movie begins. The screen shows into the child's bedroom.]

Child's Mom: Goodnight, sweetheart.

Child: Goodnight, Mom.

Child's Father: Sleep tight, kiddo.

(Mom turned off the light and she closed the door. The child was sleeping quietly. She turns the hallway lights off. The screen shows the clock and the other toys and the window. The closet was open and the child opened his eyes. He looked at the closet opening and he looked around. The monster appears from the closet and he closes his eyes and he pulled his blanket for fright. He looked at the closet again, and it was just his sweater hanging outside of the closet. He wasn't afraid and he fell asleep again. The screen moves silently down under the bed and the eyes glowed red. The monster silently gets off under the bed and it stands up silently. It was ready to scare the child and it silently raises his claws. The child turns around and he looks at the monster.)

Child: (screaming)

Bile: (screaming, stepped on the soccer ball, the soccer ball hits the wall and it hits Bile. He tripped the skateboard.) Whoa! (fell into some spiky jacks, and he was screaming out loudly. He looked down and he ran around the circles while he was screaming.) Oh! Aye! Oh! Oh! (he bounced his head and he circled around by laying down to get rid of it.; 'The light goes on.) Uhh!

(It was a robot child and it puts it back together in the bed.)

Female Voice: Simulation Terminated. Simulation Terminated. Simulation Terminated. Simulation Terminated. Simulation Terminated.

(The wall opens into the job working thing. Biles sees Flint and the men.)

Flint: Alright, Mr. Bile, is it?

Bile: Uh... my friends call me Phlegm.

Flint: Uh-huh. Mr. Bile, can you tell me what you did wrong?

Bile: I fell down?

Flint: No, no, before that. Can anyone tell me Mr. Bile's big mistake? Anyone?

Monster #1:  (cough)

Flint: (growls) Let's take a look at the tape. (turns on the replay tape and she saw Bile opens the door and creeps in.) Here we go. Uh, right b-b-b-b-ha! There. (pauses it) See? The door. You left 'em right open.

Bile: Hehhh.

Flint's Men: Ooooooooohh.

Flint: And leavin' the door open is the worst mistake any employee can make, because...

Bile: Um... It could let in a draft?

Waternoose: It could let in a child! (appears out of the shadow.)

Flint: Oh, Mr. Waternoose!

Waternoose: There's nothing more toxic or deadly that a human child. A single touch could kill you! (Bile backs up a little bit) Leave a door open, then a child could walk right into this factory, right into the monster world!

Monster #2: I won't go in the kid's room! You can't make me! (scared whimpering)

Waternoose: You're going in there, because we need this! [grabs the children screams and turns on. The air of scream come out and the power were flashing on and off. They were afraid and Waternoose turns off. It turns into normal] Our city's counting on you to collect those children screams. Without scream, we have no power. Yes, it's dangerous work and that's why I need you to be at your best. I need scarers more confident, tenasious, tough, intimidating. I need scarers P. Sullivan.

[Cut to the apartment house and Sulley sleeping in bed]

Mike: Hey, good morning, Monstropolis. It's now five after the hour of 6:00 A.M. in the big monster city. Temperature's a balmy 65 degrees, which is good news for you reptiles, and it looks like it's gonna be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in, or simply... WORK OUT THAT FLAB THAT'S HANGING OVER THE BED! GET UP, SULLEY!!!

[honks a horn right in Sulley's face; Sulley wakes up, screams to the edge, then starts to work out]

Sulley: I don't believe I ordered wake up call, Mikey.

Mike: Hey, less talk more pain, marshmallow boy! Feel the burn! You call yourself a monster? Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet! Oop! The kid's awake! Okay, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet—Kid's asleep! Twins! In a bunk bed!

Sulley: [growling]

Mike: Ooh! I thought I had you there. Okay, Sulley, here we go. You ready? Follow it. Oh! It's over here! Oh, look over there! Don't let the kid touch you! Don't let it touch you! [singing] I don't know, but it's been said, I love scaring kids in bed! Come on, fiight that plaque! Fight that plaque! Scary monsters don't have plaque! 118... do you have 119? Do I see 120? Oh, I don't believe it!

Sulley: I'm not even breaking a sweat.

Mike: Not you! Look! The new commercial's on!

Sulley: Aah!

Announcer: The future is bright at Monsters, Incorporated.

Mike: I'm in this one! I'm in this one!

Announcer: We're part of your life. We power your car. We warm your home. We light your city.

Betty: I'm Monsters, Incorporated.

Sulley: Hey, look! Betty!

Announcer: Carefully matching every child to their ideal monster...

Claws Ward: [roaring]

Child: (screaming)

Announcer: to produce superior scream refiined into clean, dependable energy. Every time you turn something on Monsters, Incorporated is there.

Jerry: I'm Monsters, Incorporated!

(Child watches from TV.)

Announcer: We know the challenge, the window of innocence is shrinking. Human kids are harder to scare.

Waternoose: Of course, M.I. is prepared for the future with the top scarers... (Sulley roars, then child screaming; Mike laughing) ...the best refiineries and research into new energy techniques.

(Gives you a roar, and child screaming)

Mike: Okay, here I come!

Sulley: We're working for a better tomorrow, today!

All Workers: We're Monsters, Incorporated!

Waternoose: We're M.I. Monsters, Incorporated, we scare because we care.

[Sulley turns off the TV]

Mike: I can't believe it.

Sulley: Oh, Mike.

Mike: I was on TV! [the phone rings] Did you see me? I'm a natural! Hello, I know! Hey, wasn't I great? Did the whole family see it? It's your mom. [laughs] What can I say? The camera loves me.

[Meanwhile, at the Monsterpolis]

Mike: I'm telling you, big daddy you're going to be seeing this face on TV a lot more often.

Sulley: Yeah? Like, on Monstropolis's Most Wanted?

Mike: [mocking] Ha, ha, ha. You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal.

Baby Smitty: Have a good day, sweetie.

Baby Bat: You, too, hon.

Mike: Okay, Sulley, hop on in.

Sulley: No?

Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY! What are you doing?

Sulley: Mikey, there's a scream shortage were walking!

Mike: Walking?!

Sulley: Yeah!

Mike: No, no, no, my baby. Look, she needs to be driven. Bye, baby. I... I'll call you!

[Cut to the newspaper on the trash]

Mike: Hey, genius, you want to know why I bought the car? Huh?

Sulley: Not really.

Mike: To drive it! You know, like, on the street? With the honk-honk and the vroom-vroom and no walking involved.

Sulley: [irrirates a car horn] Give it a rest, will you, butterball? Come on, you could use the exercise.

Mike: I could use the exercise? Look at you- you have your own climate!

Girl Monsters: How many tentacles jump the rope?

Boy Monster: Morning, Mike! Monsters, Sulley!

Sulley: Hey, morning kids.

Mike: Hey, kids.

Sulley: How you doing?

Boy Monster: Bye, Mike! Bye, Sulley! [hits the big eye]

Big Eye: Ow, hey!

(The monster dustpan sweep and eat it, the another monster sneezing with exploding.)

Monster #1: Aw, nuts.

Tony: (singing) La-la-la-la!

Mike: Hey, hey, hey! Fellas!

Sulley: Hey, Tony!

Mike: Tony! Ba-da-bing!

Sulley: Hey, Tony!

Mike: Tony!

Tony: Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow! I hear somebody's close to breaking the all-time scare record.

Sulley: Ah, just trying to make sure there's enough scream to go around.

Tony: (laughs) Hey, on the house!

Mike: Hey, thanks!

Sulley: Grazie!

Mike: Ba-da-bing!

Slime Monster: Oh, great!

(Cut to the large chicken called, "Ted".)

Sulley: Hey, Ted! (calls out) Good morning! (Ted clucks;' green light switching, and stomping on it) See that, Mikey? Ted's walking to work.

Mike: Big deal, guy takes 5 steps and he's there.

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