Newscaster: If witnesses are to believed there has been a child security breach for the first time in monster history.

    Misc Monster #1: Well, a kid flew right over me and blasted a car with its laser vision!

    Misc Monster #2: I tried to run from it, but it picked me up with its mind powers and shook me like a doll!

    Misc Monster #3: It's true! I saw the whole thing!

    Scientist: It is my professional option that now is the time to... panic!

    [Mike and Sully's TV smashes to the floor. Boo's head peeks out over the set]

    Boo: Oh-oh

    [Mike and Sully run behind their chair while Boo is getting them]

    Mike: Oh, it's coming! It's coming!

    Boo: Boo!

    [Sully and Mike knock down a lamp while they flee over to the window. Outside, HELICOPTERS scan the area. Hurriedly Mike and Sully yank the shades closed]

    [Boo totters towards them, babbling. Mike and Sully retreat in fear. Boo opens one of the shades to see the helicopters scanning the area. Mike then uses a broom to move Boo out of the way avoiding the monsters from touching the child with their hands since their toxic. He then sprays the area with DISINFECTANT.

    Mike: No, don't touch those, you little...!

    Mike: Oh, now those were alphabetized. It's okay, it's all right. As long as it doesn't come near us we're going to be okay.

    [Boo SNEEZES directly in Mike's eye]

    [Mike then sprays the DISINFECTANT into this eyes by accident which made him scream and freak out.

    Mike:(screaming in pain) ahh!!

    [Boo starts approaching Sully while he protects himself with a garbage can lid. Boo points to a ONE EYED TEDDY BEAR, out of her reach]

    Sullivan: Oh, you like this? Fetch!

    [Boo has the bear and starts hugging it until Mike gets annoyed, and he has had enough of all the craziness...]

    Mike: Hey, hey, that's it! No one touches little Mikey!

    [Mike snaps the bear away from Boo and things turn ugly real quick! Boo's face starts turning red and eyes well up with tears, just to the point where she's about to scream]

    Sullivan: Mike, give her the bear.

    [Her eyes are still welling up with tears, while the camera zooms in]

    Mike: Oh, no.

    [Boo starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Mike and Sully cover their ears and look around and see that her screaming is causing the LIGHTS to SURGE in their room. The camera zooms in on the three lights surging in sink as shown below]

Lights Surge MI
Lights Surge MI (2)
Lights Surge MI (4)

    [Outside, the lights surge BRIGHTLY enough to draw helicopters to their apartment and started to head towards it]

    [Inside, Boo continues to cry, the lights are still surging. One helicopter shines its LIGHTS at their WINDOW. Mike and Sully scream and are scared]

    [Mike drops the bear, and pulls the shade shut while the helicopter proceeds to move forward]

    Mike: Make it stop, Sully! Make it stop!

    [Boo continues to cry, Sully offers the bear to her. She stops crying for one split SECOND causing the LIGHTS to STOP SURGING]

    Sullivan: Look! See the bear? Ohh, nice bear

    [She cries even louder - It's not working. The lights surge INCREASES since MORE ENERGY is being released. Helicopters are getting even closer]

    Mike: Sully!

    [Sully begins to dance with the bear, anything to get her to stop crying and the lights to stop surging]

    Sullivan: See? Ooh, bear, ooh. Oh, he's a happy bear? He's not crying, neither should you? Or we'll be in trouble? 'Cause they're gonna find us? So please stop crying right now?

    [Boo stops CRYING finally - The lights STOP SURGING. Mike and Sully feel RELIVED.

    Mike: Good, good, Sully. Keep it up. You're doing great.

    [The helicopters turn around and begin to fly away, Sullivan is still singing while Boo remains calm and the lights in their apartment return to NORMAL power with NO SURGES whatsoever which they wanted]

    Sullivan: Ooh, the happy bear, he has no... ?

    [Boo reaches for the bear, accidentally touches Sully's hand and the bear falls off his hand. He SCREAMS]

    Sullivan: (yelling) she touched me!

    [Sully's yelling frightens the kid, who starts CRYING AGAIN, causing another POWER SURGE. Now were in trouble again, knowing the helicopters could find us again at our apartment, but luckily don't]

    Mike: Sully, the bear! The bear! Give her the...

    [He starts running toward Sully, and trips on a lamp (The lamp that Mike and Sully knocked down earlier in the scene) and flies across the floor. Boo sees it and stops CRYING AGAIN and the lights STOP SURGING the THIRD TIME]

    Mike: Whoa!

    [Mike rolls into a garbage can and bumps into a shelf, sending a stack of books into his mouth. A hanging stereo speaker lands on his head]

    Mike: Oof!

    [Both Mike and Sully hoped that there wouldn't be ANYMORE ELECTRICAL SURGES since the CRYING STOPPED, but thought wrong]

    [Boo finds this funny and begins LAUGHING moments after while Mike ran into an accident. Something STRANGE happens, the LIGHTS in their apartment SURGE even BRIGHTER than before than her CRYING did]

    [Outside, not ONLY do their apartment lights up brightly, but ALL the apartment lights in the whole COMPLEX starting lighting up brightly too which Mike and Sully didn't take NOTE]

    [Inside, the lights continue to surge to the HIGHEST LEVEL until all the lights BURST causing a BLACKOUT in the whole apartment FACILITY. She then stops LAUGHING and Mike and Sully couldn't BELIEVE it. Both of them knew they didn't want that to happen again. Now they both find out that laughter is 10x powerful than SCREAMS making a turning point in the movie]

    Sullivan: What was that?

    [Mike is still wedged inside the garbage can]

    Mike: I have no idea, but it would be really great if it didn't do it again.

    [Boo GIGGLES again]

    Sullivan: Shh, shh, shh.

    [She seems to understand. She nods and holds her finger up to her mouth]

    Boo: Shh...

    Sullivan: Shh.

    [She smiles]  

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