Stinkie John DiMaggio
Fatso Billy West
Stretch Dan Castellaneta
Banana Laby Debi Derryberry
Punk Kid Scott Menville
Casper Devon Werkheiser
Jimmy Brett Belbuono
Scare Center 1 Pat Fraley
Scare Center 2 Scott Menville
Kibosh Kevin Michael Richardson
Alder Jim Belushi
Dasg Bob Saget
Gargoyle Jason Harris
Figuregead Billy West
Thatuch Matthew Underwood
Hunchback Scott Menville
Mouse Candi Milo
Monaco Nika Futterman
Pumpkinhead Scott Menville
Wolfe Pat Fraley
Flyboy Jason Harris
Mantha Christy Calson Romano
Ra Kendre Berry
Pirate Maurice LaMarche
Parrot Kevin McDonald
Braminica Scott Menville
Skinny Ghost Jason Harris
Thurdigree Bruns Maurice LaMarche
History Teachner Debi Derryberry
Frankengymteahcner    John DiMaggio
Coach Jason Harris
Narator Pat Fraley
Fish Boy Terri Douglas
Drip Terri Douglas
Casper's Shadow Devon Werkheiser
Pool Guy Scott Menville
P.A. Voice John Kassir
Aunt Spitzy Phyllis Diller
Werewolf Pat Fraley
Murray & Belle Caption & Tennille

Loop Group

Danny Cooksey Jason Harris
E G Daliy               John Kassir
Debi Derryberry Scott Menville
Terri Douglas Fred Tatasciore
Pat Fraley

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