Papagaio Chato
Country of Origin Brazil
Studio Silva Teixeira
Number of Episodes 140
Creators Luiz Gabriel
Key Production Staff
Voices Ariel Trindade

José Ismael

José Milton

Julia Maria

Luiz Gabriel

Luiza Maria

Nathália Araújo

Sonia Mara

Valdir Teixeira

Original run
IMDb entry
Related Shows or Films

Papagaio Chato is a Brazilian animated series , created by Luiz Gabriel.Debuted on June 5 , 2011 with the episode ´´Aventuras de Dunga´´.Since this date , have already been produced 140 episodes on 7 seasons.

Papagaio Chato

The main character ´´Papagaio Chato´´

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