Pocahontas is 1995 animated feature film. This movie was directed by Mike Gabriel (One of the directors of The Rescuers Down Under) and Eric Goldberg.(Who was mostly known for animating Genie from Aladdin and Phil from Hercules.) It won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for Colors of the Wind.


Artistic Supervisors


Cristy Maltese

Visual Effects:

Don Paul


Renee Holt (as Renee Holt-Bird)

Nancy Kneip

Music by

Alan Menken

Songs by

Alan Menken

Stephen Schwartz

Character Animation


Voice: Irene Bedard

Singing Voice: Judy Kuhn

Supervising Animator: Glen Keane


Tom Bancroft

Aaron Blaise

Tom Gately

Mark Henn

Ken Hettig

Doug Krohn

Brad Kuha

Gilda Palinginis

Ralf Palmer

John Ripa

Press Romanillos (as Pres Antonio Romanillos)

Mike Show (as Michael Show)

Eric Walls

John Smith

Voice: Mel Gibson

Supervising Animator: John Pomeroy


Richard Bazely

Joe Haidar

Ron Husband

Gary Perkovac (as Gary J. Perkovac)

William Recinos

David A. Zaboski

Governor Ratcliffe

Voice: David Odgen Stires

Supervising Animator: Duncan Majoribanks


Doug Frankel

Mark Koetsier


Voice: John Kassir

Supervising Animator: Nik Ranieri


Brian Ferguson

Raul Garcia

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