Rock a Doodle is a 1991 animated film made by Don Bluth.


Glen Campell as Chanticleer, the main protagonist.

Christopher Plummer as The Grand Duke, the main antagonist. His evil plan was to stop Chanticleer from crowing so he can let the secondary antagonist, Pinky, make him sing for the rest of his life.

Directing Animators

John Pomeroy (Chanticleer)

Lorna Cook (Edmond) (as Lorna Poneroy-Cook)

Jean Morel (The Grand Duke and Owls)

Linda Miller (Farm Animals)

Jeffery James Varab (Pinky) (as Jeffery J. Varab)

T. Daniel Hofstedt (Bouncers)

Ken Kuncan (Goldie Pheasant)

Jeff Etter (Snipes)

Character Animators

John Hill (Goldie Pheasant)

Ralf Palmer (Chanticleer)

Anne Marie Bardwell (Edmond)

Colm Duggan (Patou)

Alain Costa

Dave Kupczyk (Chanticleer)

Silvia Hoefnagels (Stuey)

Mark Pudeliner (Goldie Pheasant)

Gary Perkovac (Patou)

Doug Bennet (Stuey)

Jon L. Hooper (Snipes)

Mark Koetsier (Chanticleer)

Bruce W. Smith (Chanticleer)

Darlie Brewster (Edmond)

Charles Bonaficio (Hunch)

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