The Land Before Time character
Gender Female
Color Pink
Colored eyes Blue
Species Oviraptor
First appearance The Land Before Time TV series
Portrayer Meghan Strange (TV series)
Grey DeLisle (XIV-XV)
Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese dub)

Ruby is a new main character introduced in The Land Before Time TV series. She is a female Oviraptor, and is called a Fast Runner in the Land Before Time universe. She has not played any role in any of The Land Before Time films, as she was just introduced in the TV series.

As seen in flashbacks in the TV series, Ruby has a mother, father, and two other siblings. They all lived in the Mysterious Beyond until the sharptooth Red Claw and his fast biters Screech and Thud chased Chomper and her out. Chomper decided that both of them should travel to the Great Valley and meet up with Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike. They are readily accepted into the Great Valley.

It is stated in the first episode of the TV series that Chomper's parents have given Ruby the responsibility of protecting him from Red Claw.

Ruby is often the voice of wisdom among the young dinosaurs, able to explain matters the others do not understand. She has a calm demeanor and shows kindness and empathy to others. A strange habit of hers is to sometimes immediately repeat herself in a "backwards" way.


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