Scratte is a female saber-toothed squirrel, who debuted in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, she was voiced by Karen Disher. It has been recently announced that Scratte is pregnant in Ice Age: The Series.


She appears at the beginning of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, battling Scrat over the acorn. She appears to be a lot more intelligent than Scrat, the only other known saber-toothed squirrel in the series. Scratte does have a love interest in both Scrat and acorns. She also appears to be a flying squirrel with the ability to glide. Scratte is also seen as a Love Interest for Scrat.

Further Appearances

She is supposed to Appear in the 2010 television series and the fourth Ice Age movie and have a larger role than in the third film and Scrat, because she is pregnant with Scrat's kids. She and Scrat are supposed to fall in love again in the TV series and marry, like Manny and Ellie did in Ice Age 2.

Love For Scrat

Through the movie, during Scrat's attempts to retrieve his acorn, Scratte battles with him in order to steal his acorn. Halfway the movie, she was saved by Scrat from falling into a volcano and falls in love with him, while both forget about the acorn. However, the relationship didn't last much as she gets too bossy and the acorn returns to Scrat. Shortly after breaking up, she remained in the Dinosaur World. Only for a stray piece of ice to fall on Scrat, causing his acorn to fall into the Dinosaur World with Scratte, and blocking a path to the Dinosaur World. Scrat screams in frustration having lost both the acorn and Scratte.


She is going to be pregnant with Scrat's kids in the TV series, and have a large role than Scrat due to this, because in the third film, she was shown in foreplay with Scrat, when Eddie pulled a bunch of grapes out of the way, when they were mating. Near the end of the third film it was implied that she was pregnant, because they were living in the same tree together. In several fan fictions they have two kids, a girl called Scarrete (named after Scratte) and a boy called Scart (named after Scrat).

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