(Festro grabs the nail and points it on the wooden top fireplace. He bangs his nails and his hands with the hammer three times. He puts the fanny pack on the nail as the stocking.)

Festro: Fanny packs hung by the chimey with care. Dingle's preparing a bowl full of hair.

(Dingle rips his hair and puts it in the bowl full of hair. Dingle stirs and talks. Gweelok dressed as Uncle Grandpa and puts on "Welcome Uncle Grandpa" sign on the wall.)

Festro: Gweelok is dressed for this special occasion.

(The sign tears a little bit and Gweelok looks at it. Slog puts hot dogs on the cactus.)

Festro: A prickly pear with hot dog decoration?

Slog: Yeah.

Fart: I can't believe you all still believe in this man.

(Festro, Slog, Gweelok and Dingle were drawing pictures.)

Festro: And we can't believe that you don't.

Fart: (grabs Dingle's paper) Do you actually think you'll show up in this van?

Gweelok: According to my calculation...

Slog: Are you saying he won't?!

The Fart: It's the fifth time this week you've decorated this room. Let's clean up this mess. I'll fetch the broom.

(Fart walks to get the broom and Festro halts Fart.)

Festro: Maybe I should tell you a story, Fart. That'll make you believe and warn your fart heart.

(Festro got his designed fart heart from Fart's body and his fart heart poofs.)

Festro: Dingle, we need some more logs for the fire.

(Dingle walks to the toilet.)

Slog: What kind of logs will he find there? Ah, one there.

(Dingle searched inside the toilet and he found the logs. Dingle talks and he puts the logs on the fireplace.)

Festro: (grabs the word book) It's a real hum dinger from this book that I love. The words make no sense without reading gloves. (wears reading gloves and sits down on the chair.) Gather 'round, bros. And I promise, no more rhymes. Our story begins with a....uh....uhhhh....

Gweelok: Once upon a time?

Festro: Yeah.

(The title shows, "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome" and it yelled, "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome!" with Uncle Grandpa voice. And it shows into, "Created By: Pete Browngardt" with the shushing voice. The screen shows the sky falling and the title shows, "Uncle Grandpa". The van was falling down to the sky. Uncle Grandpa was having a bath and a shower.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning!

(Uncle Grandpa's head exploded and he died. His other body was standing in the bathroon and his other head goes to his body. He was naked.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning.

(Uncle Grandpa walks out of the bathroom and goes into the change room. The blowdryer blows and dries Uncle Grandpa.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning.

(The blowdryer stops blowing. His head goes to his body with underwear.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning.

(His head goes to the girl body.)

Uncle Grandpa: (girl voice) Good morning.

(His head goes to the robot body.)

Uncle Grandpa: (robotic voice) Good morning.

(His head goes to his original body with the fanny pack.)

Uncle Grandpa: (pat Fanny Pack.) Good morning.

Fanny Pack: Good morning, Uncle Grandpa.

(Uncle Grandpa walks to the driving room and opens the curtin.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning.

(His head goes to Uncle Grandpa driving.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning.

Fanny Pack: What does Uncle Grandpa haven't stoled for us, today?

Uncle Grandpa: I don't know. Maybe we should ask Frankenstein. Frankenstein, what does Uncle Grandpa haven't stoled for us, today?

Frankenstein: (roars)

Uncle Grandpa: (laughs and he stops laughing. He looks at Frankenstein and he looks at the screen.) Frankenstein's crazy.

(The van was still falling down, it was about to land someone's yard. The birthday donkey looks up and got crushed by a van. The van was already landed. Uncle Grandpa gets out of the van.)

Uncle Grandpa: Good morning!

Remo's Dad: Uncle Grandpa! Oh, you're just in time!

Uncle Grandpa: I am?

Remo's Dad: Yeah! We're celebrating my son, Remo's 13th birthday.

Remo: Hurry up, Dad! This party is so lame! Can we just cut the birthday cake, so it's over already?

Uncle Grandpa: Did you say birthday cake?

Remo: Who are you?

(Uncle Grandpa hops off the chair and bends down four times.)

Uncle Grandpa: I'm your Uncle Grandpa. (hops in the chair.)

Remo: You're my uncle and my grandpa?

Remo's Dad: (chuckles) No, son. He's everybody in the world's uncle and grandpa. And when he comes to visit, it sure to be a time you'll never forget.

Uncle Grandpa: Yup. Shensabelle right. (ate the whole cake.)

Remo: Hey, that's my cake!

(Uncle Grandpa ate the whole table.)

Remo's Friend #1: Whoa, that dude totally ate the whole table.

Uncle Grandpa: (burps) Who are you?

Remo's Dad: (chuckles) Yeah, that's classic Uncle Grandpa for ya.

Remo: (gets furious, growls and talks to his dad) You're ruining my birthday with your lame party, (points at Uncle Grandpa) and your dork friends! (talks to his friends) Come on, cool dude friends. Let's go up to my room and break stuff.

Remo's Friend #2: Yeah! Break stuff!

(Remo and his friends goes to the house. Remo's Dad felt sad.)

Remo's Dad: Oh. I wish I could throw my son a cool birthday party.

Uncle Grandpa: I don't know, Dad. (points at the pinata full of garbage) A pinata filled with garbage? (dancing with musical chairs.) Musical chairs? (looks at the donkey being dizzy under the van.) Super fun donkey ride?

(The donkey makes a noise.)

Uncle Grandpa: Seems like a pretty cool birthday party to me.

Remo's Dad: Well, not to my son. He'd rather go break stuff with his friends. (sigh) I wish I was a cool dad. (sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: Not to worry, Morty Glory. I got somethin' that'll make you the coolist dad who ever lived. (on the roof pointing at Remo breaking stuff.) And your son would totally wanna party with you.

Remo's Dad: Oh, great! What is it?

Uncle Grandpa: I've got it riiiiight... (stretch his arms up to fanny pack.) In my fanny pack. (knocks on Fanny Pack) Fanny Pack.

Fanny Pack: Yes?

Uncle Grandpa: I need something from you.

Fanny Pack: Well then, come and get it! (opens his mouth with bats flying out.)

Uncle Grandpa: This might take a second.

(Uncle Grandpa puts his hand in the fanny pack. The hand walks to the security door, pressed the button, the door opens and the hand goes outside. The hand walked passed the dinosaur land. The hand walked passed the lab with Frankenstein growling. The hand cracks the coconut and walks down the coconut tree and walked passed the island. The hand walked passed Festro, Fart, Dingle, Slog and Gweelok.)

Festro: (reading) And then, Uncle Grandpa's hand walked passed us.

(Uncle Grandpa's hand pops out of the treasure chest and grabs the cool dude shades. Uncle Grandpa pulls out his long arms and he got the cool dude shades.)

Uncle Grandpa: These are cool dude shades. Put these on, and you'll become instantly cool. (hands it to dad)

Remo's Dad: (grabs the cool dude shades) Well... (looks at the window with Remo breaking stuff and then looks at Uncle Grandpa) ...if you say so, Uncle Grandpa. (puts the cool dude shades on)

(It explodes to the other yard.)

Uncle Grandpa: I wonder what's goin' on over there?

Remo's Dad: Never mind that. (with Rip Dickleson's face) How do I look?

Uncle Grandpa: Like Rip Dickleson.

Remo's Dad: Who's Rip Dickleson?

Uncle Grandpa: He's an international superstar Hollywood hot chop who's too cool for school.

Remo's Dad: Wow!

Uncle Grandpa: Okay, now there's one thing you should never do while wearing cool dude shades.

Remo's Dad: (tips his shade) What's that?

Uncle Grandpa: NO SHADE TIPPING!

Remo's Dad: (his body was starting to turn into a lizard monster) OOAAAH! OOOOAHH! What's...AHH...happening body?! (he panics and he was the lizard monster. He roared and he hits Uncle Grandpa.)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, no. Now, he's too cool for the world.

(In Remo's room, Remo and his friends were having fun breaking stuff. Lizard Monster Remo's Dad came through the window, the glass breaks and he entered Remo's room.)

Remo's Dad: (as lizard monster) Do you kids WANNA PARTY?!!

Remo: (screaming)

Remo's Dad: (as lizard monster) COOL! I'm gonna eat your friends!

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