(Studio Ghibli shows on the screen and the screen shows the words of the story.)

Only in silence the word,

only in dark the light,

only in dying life:

bright the hawk's flight

on the empty sky.

-The Creation of Ea

(The screen shows the ship on the stormy night with ocean waves pushing through the ship.)

Captain: Ease the sail! The wind is too stong! Curse the lord, a storm this time of year?! (growl) Where's my wheatherworker?! Make haste lad, calm these waves before we go under!

(The wheatherworker walks forward and sees what's happening.)

Captain: What's wrong?

Wheatherworker: Captain, I can't remember the names; the true names of the wind or the waves.

(The wind blew the wheatherworker.)

Captain: What? Have you lost your mind?

Crewmember #1: Captain! There's something above the clouds! Argh!

(The captain, the wheatherworker, and the crewmember ran on the edge of the ship, and they looked around.)

Captain: Where is it?

(They looked up and they gasped.)

Captain: Thank God, protect us.

(The lightning strucked and then the first dragon cames from the cloud. The dragon came down with its fire, and it hit waves, and it flew above the ship. They ducked, and they come up.)

Wheatherworker: It's a dragon! But, what is it doing out here?

Crewmember #2: Look! There's another one!

(The second dragon flew out of the cloud, and flew on top of the ship. The second dragon flew to the first dragon, and the second dragon stabed the first dragon with its claws. The first dragon roared, and it ate the second dragon's neck. The second dragon fell down, and it fell into the water.)

Wheatherworker: Dragons fighting? That's impossible.

(The first dragon flew away. The screen turns black from the wave, and it shows the town with lots of people. The screen skips into outside of the castle, and it skips inside the castle.)

Advisor #1: More than 2,000 sheep have taken the fever in Enlad alone. Half of them have died. Seven hundred of the kingdoms prize cattle has been infected, so far we've lost 50 heads.

Advisor #2: Your majesty, I've recieved a report that an on Taon has been stricken with the fever.

King: Be silent. If we loose our heads now then what will become of the people? Seal off the infected areas to stop the fever from spreading, summon every healer in the kingdom to find a cure. For those with the greatest need, send ample provisions. Root, find out what is behind this.

Root: Majesty.

(The screen skips into the door opening with the wizards walking.)

King: What about the drought in the provinces?

Advisor #2: We sent wheatherworkers, but their spells had practically no effect. Soon, we'll miss the date for the spring planting.

King: Root, can you explain it to me? Why have these hardships struck us?

Root: I sense the light dimming, your majesty.

King: The light?

Root: The light of balance that maintains the world.

(The two messengers runs to the king with Root and two advisors.)

Messenger #1: Your majesty!

King: What is it, now?

Messenger #1: Dreadful news, I'm afraid.

Messenger #2: Dragons! They have just been sighted off the coast.

King: Dragons here?

Messenger #2: Two dragons, your majesty. One of them was killed.

Root: Dragons, here in the East? I never dreamed such a thing would come to pass. In ages past, dragons and men were one. Those who lusted after wealth chose the land and sea and became man, but those who cherished freedom became dragons and chose wind and fire. Since then dragons and men have remained divided. To hear that dragons have been seen, let alone fighting, means the darkness that threatens us is rapidly approaching.

(The screen skips into the king and the gang walking to the queen's room.)

King: Bring the ship's captain to me. I wish to hear more of this.

(The two serent girls slowed their running and bowed respectfully as he passed them.)

King: And Root, I want you there as well.

(The one sevent girl looks at them and she spoke.)

Servent Girl #1: Your majesty, please-

Servent Girl #2: (whispers) Don't. We'll get in trouble!

Servent Girl #1: (whispers) But I have to!

Advisor #2: What is it?

Servent Girl #1: I was wondering if you have seen Prince Arren.

Servent Girl #2: You see, he has not returned since last night.

Advisor #2: Prince Arren? Gone?

Queen: That's enough.

(Screen skips into the queen walking forward at the front holding the white cat.)

Queen: His majesty's quite occupied. Surley you can see that?

Servent Girl #1: Forgive me, your majesty. It's just that he's not himself lately and we were worried.

Queen: That's absurd. Arren is no longer a boy. In fact, he's seventeen. Please, forgive this heedless interruption, your majesty. The people of Enlad deserve your undivided attention.

King: Very well.

Queen: Sire.

(King, Root, and two advisors walked along without the Queen and the two servent girls.)

King: I must attend to my correspondents.

Advisor #3: Yes, your majesty.

(The king walked himself upstairs, and he goes inside the corridor. He walked up, and then he stopped. He looked back carefully.)

King: I'm seeing things.

(The king walked to the door, and then Arren's hand appeared from the stone with a dagger. Arren runs to the king and he stabbed the king. The king grabbed the dagger with his chest and he lied down to death. Arren grabs the king's sword, and he runs away.)

King: (panting and looked at Arren running away) Arren. (dies)

(The title shows, "Tales from Earthsea" with the dragon paintings. The screen fades black and fades back into the calm sea. The screen moves to Sparrowhawk's ship. Sparrowhawk's ship was sailing across the sea, and the sailing wind blower went down carefully, and Sparrowhawk was rowing. Sparrowhawk's ship landed to the sand, and Sparrowhawk moves his ship to park to the sand. He wore his cape, grab his wand, he sees the destroyed castle and looked around. He walks up to the sand hill and he saw to rusted ship. He saw it silently, and he walks to the bottom of the ship. He went inside the bottom of the ship, he stepped the bone, and he saw the bone that they died. He heared the wolves howling, he went out of the bottom of the ship, and he saw the wolf howling on top of the sand hill. The wolves ran away, and the screen cuts into Arren riding the horse faster. The wolves were after Arren with his horse, and they ran faster. The wolves sees Arren riding with his horse, and the wolves run on front of Arren with his horse. Arren went the other way by other wolves chasing after him, he went faster and then the wolves appeared from the hill and tries to bite him. Arren and his horse fell off the sand hill, and Arren landed perfectly. The wolves blocked Arren from the center, Arren was angry, and he was panting for a calm. He lets go of the king's sword, and he standed still. Arren was not angry.)

Arren: are my death...

(The wolf runs to Arren and tries to bite him, Arren was scared, and then Sparrowhawk's magic destroyed the wolf. The wolves looked at Sparrowhawk from the top of the sand hill, and the wolves runs away for their lives. Sparrowhawk went down the hill and walked to Arren.)

Sparrowhawk: Are you all right?

(Arren looked at Sparrowhawk, and Sparrowhawk stopped. Arren was angry while staring at Sparrowhawk, but Arren faints. Sparrowhawk grabbed on Arren's back.)

Sparrowhawk: Steady there, lad.

(The screen skips into the night, and it moves down into Sparrowhawk and Arren having a campfire. Arren was sleeping, and he opened his eyes silently. He moves his head sideways, and he looks. He gets up strangly with his blanket and he look around with a terrifying face. Sparrowhawk grabs the king's sword to hand Arren.)

Sparrowhawk: Is this what you're looking for?

(Arren stared at the sword, and the screen cuts into Sparrowhawk cutting the small bread with a small knife. Arren holds his sword.)

Sparrowhawk: This is dangerous country for travelers. You were lucky this time. You must be hungry? It's not much, but you're welcome to it. Here.

(Arren looks at the piece of bread, he gently take's it and eats it gently.)

Sparrowhawk: So, do you have a name, lad?

Arren: My name is Arren.

Sparrowhawk: Arren. That means, swords in Enlad, doesn't it? (taking out his water pooch and drinks it.) Well then, you were a long way from home.

Arren: How can you know that?

Sparrowhawk: That blade you are wearing was forged with magic. I doubt that you have yet the power to unsheathe it.

(Arren looks frightened and turned his head around thats sees the sand hills. He was still frightened.)

Sparrowhawk: What is it?

(But, there is nobody there in the sand hill, and Arren silently puts his head down.)

Arren: Nothing. Nothing at all.

(Screen skips into the morning, and the sun silently rises. Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse were getting ready.)

Sparrowhawk: Arren, if you have nowhere to go, you are welcome to come with me. I doubt that our meeting here was just an accident, and I'd welcome a companion.

(Sparrowhawk was ready, he walked, and Arren was still getting ready with his horse. Sparrowhawk stopped on the sand hill.)

Sparrowhawk: Arren, are you coming?

(Arren was ready and he was confused.)

Arren: I don't even know your name.

Sparrowhawk: (with his smile) It's Sparrowhawk.

(The sun rises on Sparrowhawk, and Arren come up on the sand hill with his horse. Arren comes with Sparrowhawk. The hawk flies on the sky. The screen shows the desserts and moves forward to Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse traveling. They were traveling out of the desserts and they traveled throught the broken brick bridge. They traveled through the lands and the rain comes. They stopped by the broken brick house with no people. Sparrowhawk checks inside.)

Sparrowhawk: More ruins. Farmers abandoning their land. There's more to this than just poor harvests.

(Arren waited for Sparrowhawk and he got out of the broken brick house.)

Sparrowhawk: Come, Arren. We should push on.

(Arren comes with Sparrowhawk with his horse.)

Arren: Excuse me, Lord Sparrowhawk?

Sparrowhawk: Sparrowhawk will do. What is it?

Arren: Sparrowhawk, where is it we're going?

Sparrowhawk: Right now, we're heading to the next town, but where the road takes us then... I'm afraid I don't know.

(They traveled out of the burned forest. Sparrowhawk crosses the river with rocks, and Arren crosses the river with rocks slowly with his horse. Sparrowhawk waited for Arren. Arren appeared with his horse.)

Sparrowhawk: You're getting tired?

Arren: No.

Sparrowhawk: We're almost there. Come on.

(Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse traveled through the grasslands. They were traveling and travling and then, they stopped.)

Sparrowhawk: There it is. That is the Hort Town.

(They have made it to Hort Town, and they looked far away at the Hort Town. The screen cuts into the red gateway and the camera goes to the people walking. Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse goes to the gateway and the criminal carriage with guards on tops rolls through them. Arren saws the little criminal girl being trapped inside the carriage with bars that locked her up with her chains. Arren still looks at the girl and he followed Sparrowhawk. All the people and guards are walking and doing work. Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse sees the criminal people with chains with the guards while walking.)

Arren: Are those people criminals?

Sparrowhawk: No, they're slaves. Here, people are goods to buy and sell.

Arren: Trading in human lives?

Trader: (telling to the people) Two guineas, gentlemen? Do I hear two guineas? I have two guineas! Do I hear three guineas, Sold to the gentleman for three guineas!

(Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse kept walking and Arren saw two old men smoking while walking. Screen skips into Sparrowhawk stopping in the inkepper's house. Sparrowhawk tells the innkeeper and Arren and his horse were waiting for him.)

Innkeeper: I've got no more room! Why don't you try the stables?

Sparrowhawk: I'm sure you can make room.

(Screen skips into the Hort City buildings, and the camera goes down to the people walking to the stone stairs. All the people from the market were working, and Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse kept walking.)

Street Seller #1: I have gauzes from Sowl! Silks from Lorbanery! Only today!

Street Seller #2: Furs, felts, beautiful woolens!

Arren: (talking to Sparrowhawk) Is this some kind of market day?

Sparrowhawk: No, lad. It's like this year round.

(Sparrowhawk, Arren and his horse stops by the cloak shop.)

Vendor: (to everyone) Silks and satins, canvass and fleece belts. (to Sparrowhawk and Arren) Oh, well, good day. Looking for something you need? (grabs the shiny white silk) Then, how about this silk? One of Lorbanery's finest? Fine as a mayfly's wing.

Sparrowhawk: I don't have a wife for such delicate gifts. I need a cloak for my young friend.

Vendor: Hmmm... A wizard without a girlfriend, eh?

(The woman checks to see if there's any cloak.)

Arren: But, I don't really need a cloak. I'm fine.

Sparrowhawk: Arren, you don't expect to go about the way you are do you? And I suggest you hide that sword on your belt.

(The woman found a green cloak and grabs it.)

Vendor: If its cloaks you are wanting, fleece felt from Gont. The highest quality.

(Sparrowhawk feels the cloak.)

Sparrowhawk: Four warped strings to the finger width. This is Andradean work. On Gont, they are known for using six or more.

Vendor: (growls)

Sparrowhawk: (said closly to her faster.) You used to be a sorceress. Why disgrace yourself by selling fakes?

Vendor: Because, people don't believe in silly, foolish tricks anymore! Maybe my goods are not what they seem, but at least they are something you can touch. Not mere lies and air like magic and sorcery!

(Sparrowhawk looked mad to her and he walked away down the stone stairs. Arren looked at Sparrowhawk walking away and he followed him by running and putting his cloak on.)

Arren: Sparrowhawk!

(Sparrowhawk walked to the left and Arren ran. And then, Arren stopped running and he looked outside where the boats are sailing. He looked around where the boats are sailing. He looked so brave and he continued running after Sparrowhawk to wait for him. Sparrowhawk walking all the stairs and Arren ran down the stairs. But, Arren halted by himself because there was a hazia dealer walking up the stairs. The hazia dealer saw Arren, and the hazia dealer looked greedy. He took Arren from alleyway.)

Arren: Let go of me!

Hazia Dealer: Calm yourself, young master. I have something. (grabs the box from his pocket.) This is especially for you. (opens the box that is filled with hazias.) It will open the door to bliss. Here, try on.

Arren: What is it? What is this?

Hazia Dealler: Hazia, my lord. Ha-zee-aa. Take on. Leave sorrow and fear behind.

Arren: No more sorrow and fear.

Hazia Dealer: That's right. You'll never again be troubled with the misery and suffering of this world. No payment necessary, it's my pleasure. Mmmmmm.

(Arren tries to take the hazia, but Sparrowhawk interupt.)

Sparrowhawk: Arren! (talking to the Hazia dealer) Is there something I can help you with?

Hazia Dealer: Hmmmm... This is your friend? Hmm... Perhaps you would like to pertake yourself. I'm sure wizards have troubles, too.

Sparrowhawk: Yes, perhaps. But, none of your where's could ever hope to reverse.

Hazia Dealer: (growls, spits at Sparrowhawk's feet and closes the box) Save us from the arrogance of sorcerers! (put his box inside his pocket, ran away, and halts to Sparrowhawk and Arren.) Oh, and I suppose you have lost your powers, too! (ran away)

Sparrowhawk: (talking to Arren) Just know, Hazia is not something to flirt with Arren. Look.

(Arren looks at three people dieing from eating Hazia.)

Sparrowhawk: Eating Hazia brings with it a feeling of euphoria, but then the spirit abandon's the body and wanders aimlessly in the dark, and When it returns, more and more Hazia until finally, death.

(There was something wrong with Arren, and he covers his mouth from his sickness.)

Sparrowhawk: Arren? Are you alright?

(Screen skips into the fountain, and the camera goes down to Arren wiping his face with water from the fountain. When he's done wiping his face, he was feeling better. Sparrowhawk walks up to Arren.)

Sparrowhawk: Are you feeling better?

(Screen skips into Sparrowhawk and Arren sitting together on the wall near the fountain.)

Sparrowhawk: (took his hood off) The wind is fresh up here.

Arren: Something's not right with this town.

Sparrowhawk: Not only this town, lad. Farmer's crops are withering away. Their sheep and cattle are sick and dying. I've even seen people who have lost their minds.

Arren: Do you think that it's some sort of pestilence?

Sparrowhawk: No. If that were true it would be a sign that the balance was trying to right itself, but this? I fear that someone is trying to destroy the balance, and there is only one creature in Earthsea capable of creating that kind of evil. Only one.

(Sparrowhawk jumps from the wall.)

Sparrowhawk: Well then, are you feeling enough to return to the inn?

Arren: I'd like to rest up here just a little longer.

Sparrowhawk: Very well. (puts his hood on) I'll be waiting. Be careful.

(Sparrowhawk walks away and he was gone.)

Arren: I will.

(Arren himself was still sitting and sighed. The place was silent and the fountain was silent. But, the strong wind came, the water was being winded with out splashing, and the trees were blewed. The wind with leaves blew Arren hauntedly. Arren looked frightened and he looked back. But, the place turned silently and he looked scared. Are put on his cape and ran away. He ran all down the stairs and ran through the alleyway. He looked tired and he walked out of the alleyway. But, Therru herself ran away and Hare and his goons were chasing after her. She still run away from Hare his the guards.)

Arren: (looked furious and whispered) Slave traders!

(Arren continued walking to see Therru running away from Hare and his goons. She ran faster and Hare and his goons were still chasing after her. She ran, and the one trader block her. She ran the other way, and the second trader blocked her. Hare and his goons were boxing her from the way.)

Slave Trader #1: So, you were a witch?

Slave Trader #2: And an ugly one of that.

(Therru ran to the left and the first guard grabed her two arms. Hare goes up to Therru.)

Hare: You won't fetch very much with a face like that. (grabs her face with his hand) Just a few guineas I suppose, but we can still have a bit of fun.

(Therru bit Hare's finger hardly.)


(Hare hits her face with his fingers, and the trader grabs her head.)

Hare: This little witch has spirit. I think I'm going to enjoy this.

(Hare grabs Therru, he tries to have fun, but the guards interupt.)

Slave Trader #2: Who's there? Make yourself known.

(The second trader was steadying his sword while seeing someone appear. Arren walks out, and then Arren looks them.)

Hare: Well, well, what do we have here? Little boy? Go ahead, take him!

(The trader draws his sword and forward to Arren.)

Slave Trader #2: No hard feelings, boy. Just following orders. I'll make it quick!

(The trader swing his sword to Arren, and Arren misses it while getting on the floor.)

Slave Trader #2: (laughs) Or maybe you would rather be a slave, eh? (laugh shortly) Beg for mercy. (laughing cruley)

(Arren looks frightened and gets up.)

Slave Trader #2: Ohhh. Change your mind?

Arren: Life is nothing to me.

(Arren looks mad, and Arren and the trader steps around the circle.)

Slave Trader #2: So, you want to fight, eh? (chuckled)

(The trader stabs forward, and swings his sword two times, but Arren missed.)

Slave Trader #2: Draw your sword!

(Arren looked very angry, he takes off his cape, and he was ready to fight without drawing his sword. Arren fights with the trader and he defeated the trader. Hare looks a little scared, and the last trader throws Therru to Hare.)

Slave Trader #1: Now, it's my turn.

(The second trader draws two swords amd he was ready to fight. He fights with Arren, Arren blocks it, and hit the last trader's back with his covered sword. The last trader was defeated, Arren turned around to Hare and Arren looked very furious and angry. Hare looks very scared, he grabs to dagger and points at Arren. Hare was still holding Therru.)

Hare: Hold on, boy! You don't care what happens to the girl?!

Arren: (whispers) Go ahead!

(Hare looked really scared and he gulped. He puts his dagger in his dagger holder.)

Hare: If you really want her that much, heh, you can have her!

(Hare throws Therru at the wall, he walked away.)

Hare: Come on, men.

(The traders gets up and followed Hare. They were gone. Arren was calmed, and he goes up to Therru.)

Arren: Are you al--

(Therru slapped his hands and she gets up. Arren looked her normaly, and Therru looked at him with her angry look. The voice came.)

Young woman's voice: Therru! Therru!

(Therru ran away to somebody else, and Arren looked nervous. She was gone.)

Arren: Therru.

(Screen skips into outside of Hort Town where the boat use to sail. It was the afternoon. The camera moves left to Arren walking by himself outside of Hort Town with a little bit of people. He goes the other way and he goes to the giant stairways. He sits on the giant stairway. He watches the boat and the ships sailing, and he looks a little sad. He layed down and he fell asleep. The sun rises, and he dreamed about watching the sun rising when he was a warrior. He say somehting up there.)

Arren: A bird...

(The bird was flying up in the twilight sky and it goes up in the clouds. Arren was happy and something wrong was happened. Something hit Arren body hardly. It was Hare who stomped Arren. Hare was greedy and Arren was hurt. His goons appeared. Hare puts his head closly to Arren and he puts his helmet shutter up.)

Hare: So, we meet again, little boy.

(Arren was angry and he was trying to get up. Hare kicked Arren stomach hardly and Arren was hurt.)

Hare: Take him.

(The trader comes up to Arren and they all kicked Arren hardly.)

Hare: He should fetch a good price. Don't be too rough with him.

(The traders are done kicking Arren and Arren was unconscious.)

Hare: (laughing greedly) Take him away.

(The traders took Arren and Hare come with them. Hare stopped and he looks at the king's sword on the ground.)

Hare: Oh, look at this piece of junk. Heh, you couldn't give it away!

(Hare kicked the sword out of the stairway into the water and Hare laughs greedly. But, it landed on the sand on the side of the ocean. Screen cuts into the the grassland with broken stone houses. It was tonight. Hare and the guards with the jail carriage roded slowly on the private highway. Arren was still unconscious with chains on his neck and his hands and he was a prisoner. He woke up calmly and he saw all prisoners being a little sad. He looks at the chains locked into his hands and he bends it two times.)

Driver: Give it up! It's no use!

Arren: (whispers) Quiet!

(The driver opens the caller with the bars.)

Driver: Silence or I'll feed you to the hounds!

(The driver closes the caller and Arren looked sad. He looked at the night and he puts his head down slowly. The trader, and the guards were still riding on top of the jail carriage. The driver wips at the horses and the horses were pulling. But, it stopped and they saw what's happening.)

Driver: Come on! Get moving!

(The driver wips at the horses hardly but the horses were still stopping.)

Guard: What's going on?

Driver: I don't know! (wips at them) All of you lazy animals! What the devil is wrong?!

(The driver and the guards saw something bright and it gets too bright. The driver and the guards got the sun in their eyes and they covered their eyes. The light shines on inside the jail bars and Arren saw something. The light were whispering, and then the light shines from the closed door. It opens the door and then the light shines. It was Sparrowhawk who was going to save Arren. Arren looks at Sparrowhawk shineing from his body.)

Arren: Sparrowhawk.

(Sparrowhawk's light stopped shineing and Sparrowhawk bend down to Arren.)

Sparrowhawk: We must go, Arren.

(Sparrowhawk took all Arren's chains off with his own magicial hand.)

Sparrowhawk: Can you stand?

(Arren already stand up and Sparrowhawk and Arren got out of the jail carriage. Sparrowhawk helped him catch Arren from jumping. Arren was very tired.)

Arren: What about the others?

Sparrowhawk: I left no one bound, what happens now is up to them.

(Sparrowhawk and Arren walks together and Arren's horse appeared on the side of the tree because Sparrowhawk was riding on it. Arren goes up to his horse and his horse licked him. Arren was a little happy. The screen skips into the sky with the moon in the clouds. Arren rides with his horse slowly and Sparrowhawk walks with him.)

Arren: I don't understand. How did you find me?

Sparrowhawk: When you didn't come back, I scoured every corner of Hort Town. Finally someone told me they saw a boy taken by slavers. I was left with no choice but to summon a finding spell.

Arren: (feeling sorry) I'm sorry, I was foolish.

Sparrowhawk: No, it's my fault. I shouldn't have left you. (looks at Arren) Forgive me, Arren.

(Arren felt a little sad and they traveled together again. The wind blew on the grass slowly and they were still walking together. But then, they stopped and they Tenar's house. They walked to Tenar's house and Sparrowhawk gently opens the wooden gate for Arren with his horse. They made to Tenar's house. Sparrowhawk knocks on the door two times. Tenar lights candle and carries the hand candle. She walks to the door.)

Tenar: Who's there?

Sparrowhawk: It's me, Sparrowhawk.

Tenar: Sparrowhawk?

Sparrowhawk: Someone's been hurt.

(Tenar unlocks the door and opens the door. She saw Sparrowhawk.)

Sparrowhawk: I'm sorry, it's very late.

Tenar: It is you, Ged. Come in.

(Screen cuts into Arren sleeping in the bed. Tenar wipes his face with wet white cloth and she was very polite and good. She walks to Sparrowhawk sitting next to the fire.)

Tenar: He's alsleep.

(Screen skips into the bucket of soup and Tenar fills it with a bowl.)

Sparrowhawk: I'm sorry to have taken your bed.

Tenar: He needs it more. Here. This'll warm you.

(Tenar hands the bowl of soup to Ged and he holds the bowl of soup and the spoon.)

Sparrowhawk: Ah... Thank you.

(Sparrowhawk eats his soup slowly, Tenar grabs a chairs, puts it down slowly and sat down.)

Tenar: You haven't changed at all.

Sparrowhawk: (wipes his mouth) Mmm-mm. You're keeping well, Tenar?

Tenar: I suppose. Although, it hasn't always been easy. And you? Still wandering as before?

(Sparrowhawk finish eating his soup.)

Sparrowhawk: Ahhh... That was good. (gets up) It has been a long time.

(Sparrowhawk walked to the bucket of water and puts the bowl in the clean water.)

Tenar: It has.

Sparrowhawk: As Archmage, I've got no time to wander. Not as I once did.

(Sparrowhawk wash it with his own hands, he dryed it and puts it on the shelf.)

Tenar: What brings the Archmage so very far away from his home?

(Sparrowhawk sits on the chair.)

Sparrowhawk: Ill tidings come from every corner of Earthsea. Things are desperately out of balance. Strength is ebbing from the world as if the sun's light were failing.

Tenar: And what about the art magic? That as well?

Sparrowhawk: Yes, it's as if the blood were flowing out from our very veins.

Tenar: And you're looking for the answer?

Sparrowhawk: Yes.

(Therru checks Sparrowhawk and Tenar talking, and Sparrowhawk and Tenar saw Therru.)

Tenar: (gets off the table and comes to Therru) Oh, dear, we woke you up. (touched Therru gently) Come in. Don't worry. This man is an old friend of mine.

(Tenar walks with Therru and they walk up to Sparrowhawk sitting in the chair.)

Tenar: This is Therru. She's been with me for five years, now.

(Therru hides behind Tenar's back.)

Sparrowhawk: Call me Sparrowhawk. Please forgive me for waking you.

(Therru peeked over Tenar's sholder and she saw Sparrowhawk.)

Therru: Hawk?

(Therru steping out and gave a quick bow for greeting.)

Tenar: Therru never speaks to strangers. You should feel very honored. What is it?

Sparrowhawk: (steadying the look of Therru) Could she be...?

(Therru looks at Sparrowhawk with her steady. Screen cuts into Cob's castle. Hare and the traders ride horses to Cob's castle and they crossed the giant stone bridge. They made it inside Cob's castle and they got off the horses. Hare and his goons are going up the stairs and they got up all stairs. They made it close to Cob's room and they got all up the stairs to see Cob from his room. Screen cuts into Cob's desk with candles, papers, pens, and books. Cob was reading his book quietly. Hare knocks on the door.)

Hare: Lord Cob?

Cob: Enter.

(The trader opens the door, Hare bowed quick and they entered close to Cob.)

Hare: Please, forgive this interruption. I have bad news to report.

Cob: What is it?

Hare: (puts his head down) I'm afraid some of our slaves have, um... escaped.

Cob: I see. You've lost my precious merchandise?

Hare: Rest assured, my lord, we have recaptured most of them.

Cob: And? (turned his face around and looked at Hare and the goons.) What about those who still elude you?

Hare: We will have them soon. We are scouring the countryside.

Cob: (gets up) You are a fool. (with his heart magic) Do you not think you cannot be replaced by another?

(Cob crushed his one hand who his blue magic and the blue magic came from Hare's chest. It hurts Hare's heart and Cob was going to kill him. Hare kneeled down while he gets hurt.)

Hare: Please! It was a wizard who interfered! It was him... with a scar on his face!

(Cob lets go of the blue palm magic and stopped killing Hare.)

Cob: What's that? A scar on his face? (smiled) Sparrowhawk, the Archmage pays me visit. Fine him for me, Hare. Or else.

Hare: (gets up and panting) I won't fail, my lord.

(The traders holds Hare to calm him down and Hare was still panting. They got out of Cob's office. Cob turned around and sees the candle.)

Cob: I've been waiting a long time for this, Sparrowhawk.

(The candle goes out faster and the screen fades out. Screen shows into the morning and it shows into Tenar's house. Therru comes outside with the bucket and she gets water. She goes inside and she pours into the big bucket. She looks around.)

Therru: Tenar. I brought the water in. Where is she?

(She goes inside the bedroom and looks at the people in the bed.)

Therru: Tenar. Are you still asleep? (crouched forward to the bed) Tenar? Are you sick?

(Arren was sleeping and rolled at the front. He looks at Therru, and Therru was surprised and she gasped. She was scared and walked away. Arren woke up. He lays downs and he looks again.)

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