Talespin; a cartoon about a seaplane pilot named Baloo, and his young sidekick Kit Cloudkicker. Other characters included Wildcat the mechanic, Rebecca Cunningham and daughter Molly. Antagonists don Karnage, and Khan.


  • Based on Characthers from Walt Disney classic The Jungle Book
  • In the Jungle Books  Shere Khan was a Tiger who was the antagonist of MOngoli. In this adaptmation he is big shot villian/Industralist. In "Bonkers" he makes a cameo as a face on a criminal mugshot! 
  • Charcthers not based on the Jungle Books include Kitt Cloudkicker; Rebecca Cunningham and her daugther and the comic relief "Don karnage" {Carnage{!}
  • Baloo is revealed in one story to have been the XIII heir of a Baron Von Bruinwald 's family who always meet with "unfortune" Accidents!


  • Rebecca Cunningham.....Sally Struthers

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