[Allen wakes up, his parents came in]

  • Allen: Mom, Dad? What are you guys doing here?
  • Dad: Allen, I'm so disappointed in you! You're grounded for three weeks & two months. We got a phone call from the guy saying "That there was a party in the house". That's why you're grounded & I look at the newspaper that it says "ALLEN SAVES THE DAY". That's why!
  • Allen: [dejected] Ohhh. [becomes determined] Wait, I'm not grounded.
  • Dad: Ohhhhh, yes you are. That's why we hear you throw a party in the house & you know. YOU'RE MOTHERFUCKING EXTREME ENTERITY GROUNDED!!!! [Allen's parents close that door]
  • Allen: [thinks a bit, then lies down again] Ahhh shit. Oh, well, I think I could try again next year on July, 4.

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