buzz on maggie or should i say the real funny cartoons on bugs. no wonder it was the last show of the toon disney but i think thats wrong canceling toon disney like that i mean some of those shows really spoke to us they made us laugh they mad us cry and they made us the better person today then before. but now they have this zeke and luther, im in the band, kick buttiski, aaron stone, kid vs. kat, timmytwoshoes, and so many more of those meaningless show. what was so wrong with house of mouse, the buzz on maggie, and others that makes us laugh so hard. i say bring to bring on back the old cartoons. if they were a hit back then then they are still a hit now. cant we at least have a old disney week full of are really funny shows back then. its not like its going to hurt anybody. once we are done with the oldys we can go back to the newys. just telling the boss of disney.):O

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