The Fairly OddParents is a show about a boy named Timmy Turner and his GodParents: Cosmo and Wanda and their wacky adventures.

It first premired on "Oh! yeah Cartoons" September 4, 1998 to March 23,2001; then began starting march 30, 2001; as of 2012 they are entering their 9th season.


  • Vicky" Timmy evil 16 year old teenage girl babysitter; a flashback epsides implies that reason is that she is so mean to 10 year old boys is that she was mistreated as a five year old by 10 year old Timmy Turner-due to a wish that was granted to him by his Fairly Oddparents. Another epsiode -which was a pardoy of "Its a Wonderful life" shows that if it hadn't been for Timmy being born as a boy Vicky would have turned out differently-releiving pain instead of causing pain!
  • "Denzel Crocker" is Timmy crazy teacher who besides giving Timmy an "F" on his school papers going nuts when talking about existance of Fairies. A flashback episode shows that as a boy he had fairly oddparents-same as Timmy-until Timmy ruined his life due to a wish granted to him by his fairly Oddparents. Likewise in a parody of "Its a Wonderful life" shows his life would have been better if Timmy hadn't been born. In one parody of Wile_E._Coyote_ failling attempts to catch the Road Runner, Crocker enlisted the help of a genie named Norm to catch Timmy; Crocker only succeded in making Norm wish Crocker to Mars!
  • Norm_the_Genie only appeared for three episodes.


  • Besides being mean and nasty to Timmy both Vicky and Crocker wish to rule the entire earth as evil dictators:
  • Crocker in Abra-Catastrophe! {Ironically Vicky has a cameo as bowing down to Crocker}
  • Vicky in Channel_Chasers

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