The Incredibles Poster 10 - Battle

The Incredibles is a 2004 computer animated movie released by Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. It is Pixar's 6th film.


Additional Voices

Release and Reaction

The film was released theatrically on November 5th, 2004 in the United States and garnered a 97% positive critical response on the RottenTomatoes website.[1]. In its opening weekend the film grossed over 70 million dolalrs in the United States and went on to gross over 250 million domestically and over 600 million dollars worldwide.[2]

Animation Style

The Incredibles utilizes computer animation to create a vibrant and naturalistic world. The various backgrounds, whether tropical or urban, all look extremely realistic. The characters, on the other hand, are slightly more iconic. Their hair is still animated in a realistic manner, but their eyes and facial composition cause them to appear more "cartoony". In addition, the various supehero characters move in unnatural ways. Elastigirl's limbs stretch, Dash runs on water, and Mr. Incredible is, well, incredible. He can benchpress trains, fight gigantic robots, or do pretty much anything. Even though they are capable of moving in ways normal humans cannot, their movements are still fairly realistic. In other words, they move exactly as one would expect a superhero to move. This combination of naturalistuc backgrounds, iconic characters, and realistic yet impossible motion allows the movie to be amusing and identifiable for the viewer. The viewer is capable of seeing his or herself within any of the characters' large iconic eyes and is willing to do so because of the familiarity of the movie's setting.

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