The Powerpuff Girls are three supernatural girls. They were created in the professor's basement lab, after accidentally adding chemical X to his mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. They have no fingers, no nose, and are missing a few other things. They live in the suburbs near the city of Townsville, which is always being attacked by evil villains and monsters. They basically spend each day beatng the crap out of these villains and monsters, as long as it is before bed time.

Main Characters

Reccuring characters

  • Mrs. Keane
  • All the villans:
  • The Amoeba Boys- three amoeba who form themselves into the most incompent gang that ever existed!
  • Mister Mine-once a colorful clown called "Rainbow the Clown" who was accidenly bleached and tried to turn all colors into black and white. The Powerpuff girls succeded in turning him back to "normal" color before beating him up and sending him to jail "Mine for a Change". Later seen as Ranbow clown entertaing the girls in epsiode "Birthday Bash"
  • Mojo Jojo-a super genius monkey who is the Powerdpuffs most persistent enemy; ironically two flashback episodes show the Mojo is actually the "father" of the Powerpuff girls-in one he goes back in time to prevent Professor Utonium from growing up and becoming a scientist yet he ends up turning Utonium from a brat into a scientist; in another Utonium remembers that Mojo was a "normal" but mischevious monkey those antics caused Professor Utonium to accidently break the container of "Chemical X" which results in the creation of the Powerpuff girls. Both Times Mojo goes into shock!
  • PRincess Morbucks-a spoiled rich little girl who tries to beat the Powerpuff girls-and always loses.
  • Mrs.Bellum-the effecient and secreary for the Mayor. A running gag is that her face is never seen-in one episode after she is captured by Sedusa-it seens they have the same face but Mrs Bellum's is actually a mask!
  • The Mayor of Townsville-an empty headed idiot


Craig McCracken

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