(in order of appearance)
                                            Charlotte the Spider Julia Roberts
                                               Templeton the Rat Steve Buscemi
                                                Samuel the Sheep John Cleese
                                                 Gussy the Goose Oprah Winfrey
                                                 Golly the Goose Cedric the Entertainer
                                                    Bisy the Cow Kathy Bates
                                                   Bessy the Cow Reba McEntire
                                                  Like the Horse Robert Redford
                                                 Brooks the Crow Thomas Haden Church
                                                  Elwyn the Crow Andre Benjamin
                                                Wilbur the Piget Dominic Scott Kay
                                                        Narrator Sam Shepard
                                                  Uncle the Pigs Abraham Benrubi
                                                     Sheep Group Joel McCray
                                                                 Brian Stepanek
                                                                 Fred Tatasciore
                                                                 Bradley White
                                             Joy the Baby Spider Maia Kirkpatrick
                                          Aranea the Baby Spider Jennessa Rose
                                          Nellie the Baby Spider Briana Hodge

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