The Time Traveler's Pig is the 9th episode of Season 1 of Gravity Falls.


To attract business to the Mystery Shack, Grunkle Stan has organized a low-budget funfair known as the "Mystery Fair" (which among other things, featured a rigged dunk tank and fake inspection certificates on rides) While Dipper browses the fair with Wendy, she expresses a desire to win a plush hybrid animal being offered in a milk bottle game. To impress her, Dipper tries to win the plush by attempting to play the game, but accidentally rebounds the ball back at Wendy, hitting her in the eye. After promising to get her a bag of ice to sooth the pain, another man accidentally runs into Dipper and makes him spill the bag. Whilst Dipper collected the ice back up, Wendy's boyfriend Robbie offered her a snowcone to sooth her eye instead, and then proceeded ask her out on a date, leaving him heartbroken and uninterested in Mabel's new pet pig Waddles (which she had won in another carnival game).


Additional Voices

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