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Supervising Animators:

Andreas Deja (Nagisa Misumi)

Glen Keane (Honoka Yukishiro)

Ken Duncan (Hikari Kujou) (as Ken Stuart Duncan)

David Pruiksma (Mepple / Mipple)

Alex Kupershmidt (Porun / Lulun)

Duncan Marjoribanks (Droopy)

Nik Ranieri (Yans / Gans)

Character Animators:

Lorna Cook (Nagisa Misumi)

Mike Nguyen (Nagisa Misumi)

Brad Kuha (Honoka Yukishiro)

John Ripa (Hikari Kujou)

Barry Temple (Mepple / Mipple)

Aaron Blaise (Mepple / Mipple)

Ellen Woodbury (Porun Lulun)

Russ Edmonds (Porun / Lulun)

Ruben Aquino (Droopy)

Will Finn (Droopy / Yans / Gans)

Kathy Zielinski (Yans / Gans)

Dave Burgess (Yans / Gans) (as David Burgess)

Ron Husband (Yans / Gans)

Chris Wahl (Yans)

Roger Chaisson (Gans)

Rejean Bourdages (Yans / Gans)

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