Blu-ray Cover (2014)

The Blu-ray for the special Toy Story of Terror! was released August 19, 2014 along the DVD.

Product Description

Disney.Pixar proudly presents a wacky new tale featuring all your favorites characters from the Toy Story films. Join Woody, Buzz, Jessie and their pals in a frighteningly fun animated adventure. What starts out as an exciting road trip for the Toy Story gang takes for the worse following a detour to a roadside motel. After Mr. Potato Head suddenly disappears, his friends find themselves caught up in a hilarious mystery that must be solved before the suffer the same fate in this thrilling Toy Story of Terror!

Bonus Features

Scene Selections

  • 1. Dark and Stormy Night
  • 2. Sleep-Well Motel
  • 3. Something's out There
  • 4. So it Begins
  • 5. Combat Carl
  • 6. The Monster's Lair
  • 7. You Have a Sale
  • 8. Jessie finds a way
  • 9. Curtain Call
  • 10. Ah, The Epilogue



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