Underdog was a animated cartoon series that ran from October 3, 1964 to 1973 for 124 epsiodes. The hero Underdog was by day "Shoe Shine Boy" who when trouble appeared ducked into a phone booth and with the help of a mysterious "energy pill" which he keeps in secret compartment ring changes into Underdog who wears a blue cape with a red suit with a large "U". Among his powers are a super calculating brain; cosmic/X ray eyes and flying at the speed of light. A running gag is that "Underdog" girlfriend reporter "Sweet Polly Purebread" is abducted by villians before Underdog comes to rescue her. Villians included:

  • Simeon Bar Sinister with his henchman Cad Lackey. Sinister is a sterotype mad evil scientist. In one epsiode he shrinks everyone in the city down to a few inches in height so he can "tower"over them!
  • Riff Raff a 1930's type gangster with a wolf's face-a spoof of actor George Raft
  • In one epsiode to save Sweet Polly Purebread from having to milk stolen earth cows for the cat planet Felina Underdog has to fight a giant cat bully Named Overcat who is bigger than he is! (In the live action movie Underdog rescues a cat from a building fire and then asks the cat not to tell anyone about it-he's got his reputation to uphold!}

In 2007 a live action movie was made based on the old cartoon series-can Underdog save his dog girlfriend Sweet Polly Purebread and his city humans as well from Simon Bar Sinister evil plan to make everyone obey him?


Underdog voiced by Wally Cox

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