Character Description
Series My Life as a Teenage Robot
Gender Female
Species Robot
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XJ-9 (for Jenny for her friends) is a robot from the creator,has friends Brad,Tuck,and Sheldon.She voiced by Janice Kwanye.She is with Brit and Tiff.She has weapons and speaks Japanese.She hates the Cluster and Vexus.


Jenny is a blue and white robot,and hates the cluster in the episodes.She has a mom named,Nora Wakeman,Dr.Wakeman and more.She also has 8 sisters who all appeared in two episodes.


Sheldon loves Jenny.In one episode,he loved QT-2 instead of Jenny.Her catchphrase was "Not now,Sheldon!" for him.


  • "Not now,Sheldon!"

and more

Voice actor

Janice Kwanye


My Life as a Teenage Robot

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