XR 69
XR is one of the main characters on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. His name is an acronym for eXperimental Ranger, not "expendable robot" as some websites suggest. Aspects of his design may have been based a little off of Bender (Futurama) and R2-D2 (Star Wars), though he is certainly his own character.

XR is the second attempt by Star Command to constuct a robotic ranger. However, because there was no way that Commander Nebula would agree to let the LGMs built another robot after the desaster that was XL, those wiley little green guys slipped the work order in with their vacation requests to get him to sign it without paying attention to what it was. XR had no personality at first, but developed one after he was blown up and rebuilt for the first time, since the LGMs weren't funtioning right at that time and something went wrong while they were reconstructing him.


XR is a small robot with a big heart, he just likes to hide it most of the time. Somewhat immoral and very neurotic, he always has a witty or sarcastic remark, no matter how grim the situation.


XR is an arsenal of weaponry and various gadgets. He can pick a lock or blast through a wall, but his main talents come into play when dealing with computers and machines, since he can interface with them and get information or hack into a security system. Being a robot, if he's damaged or blown up, he can be repaired.


XR has a crush on his teammate Mira Nova, and he occasionally flirts with her, much to her annoyance. He was only ever in one serious romantic relationship, and it was with a female spaceship named 42. After she was given a robotic body, she ended the relationship. XR has flirted with numerous females throughout the series, his only requirement apparently being looks.

XR's best friend is Booster, who is always there to cheer him up, and sometimes to annoy him too.

XR's main foes are his evil brother XL and the energy vampire NOS-4-A2.

XR thinks of Commander Nebula as his dad, because he signed the work order that authorized the construction of the little robot. XR is always seeking to please him, though this is a sadly hopeless goal, because Nebula, who dislikes robots, treats XR like nothing more than a metal pain in his side.

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